Thursday, July 31, 2014

"We will miss you..."

HELLO!  Wow, this week was great.  It was crazy, exhausting, emotional, funny, FUN, full of work, and just JOY.  I am tired.... we wake up at 6:00 a.m. and sometimes I think my eyes are going to fall out.  The area is great.  it covers where I served in Torrance (English ward), but in Spanish.  And it's about 3x the size of Torrance.  So it's a wealthy area, but wonderful.  We have some really special people here.  The ward is great, very warm and friendly.  Our ward mission leader is amazing and full of love.  I didn't get to meet a lot of members, but things are so good.

Michelle ran into her sweet friend, Hannah, (from Utah) at the Los Angeles Temple!

Hermana Warner with Fernando (one of her converts) and his family with a cake they gave her, that says, "we will miss you."
Hna Warner with 92-year old Abulita (one of her converts) and her daugther 
We have the sweetest investigator named Jennifer.  She is a former from about a year ago.  The sisters called her and started teaching her.  Yesterday, we went to the Visitors Center with her.  It was such a sweet, spiritual experience that we had with her.  She said that when she pulled up and got out of the car, she felt tears fill her eyes and that all of it just felt right.  She felt like she was getting ready to do the right thing.  It's amazing to see how the Lord prepares those about us.  We talked about families and temples and were able to walk around the temple with her.  The Spirit was so strong and everything worked so well.  I loved it! The sisters had a baptism last week and he got confirmed yesterday.  The sisters in this area did some amazing work last transfer!
I love our trio!!  Honestly, I wasn't excited about being in a trio but it has been so much fun! We all get along really well.  I am so, SO grateful that I get to be with Sister Wright before I go home.  I love her so much. My other companion is Sister Jarman!  She has been out almost six months and is from Arizona.  I feel really bad for her because she will be sending home TWO missionaries!  I hope she lives through it....
Hermana Warner, Hermana Jarman, and Hermana Wright

My mission.  I have reflected over and over and over again on it.  I can't believe it is so close to returning home.  Literally though, I still feel like I have forever.  I had had to do some kind reminders to myself that I will be going home in two weeks.  And it will be okay.  My mission, like any mission, has been a rollarcoaster.  It has been filled with love and joy.  I only have the best of things to say about my mission.  I have learned where the Gospel of Jesus Crhist must fit in my life.  I have learned that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are put above all else.  I have lived that and I have felt it.  It is AMAZING.  I will always, always put THEM first.  I know without a single doubt, that this is the Church that Christ established. I don't think I could say that before, I believed it, and now I know.  It is a love that we will never fully understand.  He rejoices shen we come unto Him.  He feels absolute joy when a sinner comes back to Him and remembers Him. It is beautiful.  We are all loved by Him.  I LOVE this Gospel.  I love you both more than words....
Hermana Warner
She knows her mom likes gnomes!
Dear Dad,
We are great!  We're in a trio and the other sister is Sister Jarman, the sweetest girl ever.  We have all gotten along so well.  I have been having some struggles this week actually - about coming home.  I didn't realize it was as soon as it was :(  I needed to just take a second and realize that I really am going home.  It makes me SO sad, but so happy at the same time.  It's so weird daddy.  I don't want to, but I do.  I have been worrying to know if the Lord is pleased with my efforts.  I fasted for a confirmation from Him... I know I will get it.  Time is going by really fast. How was your talk? I love you....

Release letter from President and Sister Weidman:
Dear Brother and Sister Warner,

On 15 August 2014, Sister Michelle Lynn Warner will be given an honorable release from the California, Los Angeles Mission.

Sister Weidman and I love Sister Warner.  You can be very pleased with the contribution that she has made while serving in the California, Los Angeles Mission. She has blessed the lives of many; including those who have accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a result of her efforts and those she has helped to return to activity within the Lord's kingdom.  Her name will be remembered for generations to come among many.  She has grown in her testimony of the Savior and in her ability to work with people. We also have been deeply touched by her service in the mission, and we trust you were greatly blessed through her labor.

Sister Warner will be part of our lives forever.  Sister Weidman and I are grateful for all she has done to help the Lord hasten the work of salvation.  We feel that she and her colleagues have a rendezvous with destiny.  Our prayer is that she will grow in faith and good works as she continues to serve our Heavenly Father.  Sister Weidman joins me in wishing you and Sister Warner the best. 


David N. Weidman, President
Californa, Los Angeles Mission

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