Monday, July 7, 2014

Little Miracles......

Hello my beautiful momma!
Hermana Warner and Hermana Diaz with their new feathered friends
Here are a few little miracles that happened (actually there is no such thing as a little miracle).  I felt joy this week, I also felt sadness.  It's hard to explain, but I can guarantee that most missionaries know what I am talking about.  It's interesting that although I am a little further in my mission, it is still hard!  It is so worth it though.
We found some really cool people this week - a lot of potentials.  We had an amazing lesson this week with our investigator R. (the one with the son that passed away - the sweetest, most humble woman you will meet.  You need to come back and meet her one day, please!).  We had decided to fast that day.  We felt that our area needed help.  Let me tell you something - fasting works.  It is so real.  Yeah it's hard.  Actually when I was at home, I could barely make it through church.  When we fast, we should fast for 24 hours.  It is so powerful.  So anyway, we had actually kind of planned a drop lesson with her.  But we said before that, we are going to pray really hard to know what to say and pray for each other.  Wow!  It is something that I will never forget.  It was an incredible experience, I will share more of it with you when I am home.  We listened to the Spirit and asked questions.  We wanted to know what was holding her back.  She told us everything that was holding her back from baptism.  She told us that she wants to enter the temple and asked what she needed to do before that.  She pretty much said she will get baptized, she's just not sure when, due to some family issues.  She has never asked us questions like that before.  She told us that she didn't go to church on Sunday because every month on the day that her son died, she stays inside, it is too much for her to go out.  That is all that stopped her.  Ah, I'm sorry I can't share all of it, but it was amazing!
We did a lot of contacting.  We are working with amazing people.  No one is progressing right now, but we have quite a few investigators.  Something that I have been really focusing on lately is just how much of the Lord's work this is.  We don't do anything.  We do not convert people.  The Spirit works through us to do that.  The Lord will give us people if we do what we need to.  Now that doesn't apply just to us as missionaries.  It applies to ALL members.  Just because you live in Utah does not mean that there aren't people that need the Gospel or that just because your friend knows all about Mormons, they don't need to hear your testimony about Jesus Christ.  I can absolutely promise you that.  Pray for it.  You have to, our Heavenly Father has asked us to do it and if we don't, we are missing out on so many blessings. 
So now, I don't have many more emails left to write in the mission field.  And neither do you.  I have been thinking about this and I really want this.  I need you and anyone else that emails me, to send me at least ONE missionary experience you had during the week!!  One is nothing, you should be having more.  But I need to hear them.  I don't have a lot of time to be able to experience this here, and I know it would enhance my next few weeks.  I know without a doubt that this is Jesus Christ's church.  I felt it many times this week as I pondered on His life.  He is real and He desires our happiness and that we feel JOY.  The Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets, I love hearing their counsel and experiences.  I know this is true and I am so grateful for it.  I love you so much!  Sister Warner
Dear Dad,
K. is doing well, we haven't had a lesson with her since last Tuesday.  Her step father has been in the hospital and they released him this week because there is nothing the doctors can do, they said he is going to die soon.  She is really sad and they have a lot going on right now.  Please keep her in your prayers because she is amazing. 

It's crazy that my mission has been the most pressuring thing - such as making me feel my lowest, sometimes.  But it's made me feel my best and my highest.  The best I have ever felt about myself in my whole life!  The work is good, we walk so much!  We have been visiting with a less active family.  Well the husband is active but has a lot of doubts, the wife barely knows anything about the church. The M. family. They're wonderful.  They feed us every week - feasts!  Seriously I leave their home rolling down the hill.  She has depression and has felt really sad lately.  But she came to church yesterday :)  They have made SO much progress.  It makes me so grateful to be a part of this.  This is all the Lord's work, He wants EVERYONE to come unto Him.  Our baptismal date with E., he had to cancel his baptism; some cohabitating problems.  He was devastated, he teared up.  I am praying that it gets figured out soon, he was supposed to get baptized next week.  I am full of joy and humility lately.  I feel as though I am being greatly's a hard process but all very good.  I love you so much daddy.

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