Monday, July 21, 2014

Last transfer and companions again!!

Hello hello!
A member sent us this picture of Hermana Warner speaking at the Missionary Farewell Devotional!
Jackie, Sister Warner and Joseph at the Devotional
This week was full!  It was great and just a happy week.  Nothing too spectacular happened in the area.  Okay lies....we had some really cool miracles.  So we do this really wonderful thing called weekly planning -  I believe I have told you about it before.  If there is one thing that I might not miss about my mission, it would be weekly planning.  But we set goals for the week, this last week we were talking about our new investigator goals.  We decided to set our goal much higher than we have the last couple weeks and ended up getting 11 NEW investigators!!!  We were able to find families and saw so many miracles with it.  It really showed me that the higher we raise our goals, the harder we work, and the more Heavenly Father will bless us. It is a pretty cool cycle!!  I feel so blessed to be here.  I have been thinking about that a lot lately.
We went to the temple this week with Pres and Sister Weidman.  I love the temple so much, it brings so much revelation. It was a super special session.  I went with a few questions and really feel like I got the answers.  I had a really special talk with Sister Landon in the Celestial Room, it answered alot of my prayers. The temple is so special, I hope that as members we don't take worshipping at the temple for granted.  It's so sacred.
We had the departing missionary fireside last night!  It was SO awesome!  It was an incredible feeling to see so many of the people that I worked with. I felt so incredibly humble last night.  I felt that, because my Father in Heavenly has allowed me to be here.  He has made me an instrument in His hands to me to help these people.  Abuelita was there too :)!!!!  I was super happy about that.  Jackie and Joe were there and brought the flowers.  I got to see amazing people.  (Sis Landon is coming back here the 30th of August and I may come with her...)  I have reflected so much on my mission lately, I will share more next week, when I have more time....
I don't have time left, so I will tell you about transfers.  Oh, and we got your package and sister Diaz was sooo grateful!! As was I, thank you so much!  But tranfsers...hold on to your seat... no seriously, you will be in shock when you hear this.  Next transfer, I will be going to a ward called Harbor 3rd with SISTER WRIGHT and another sister named Sister Jarmin!!!  I texted President to make sure it was true!! It will be so good and we will see miracles!!
Okay I love you so much have a good week!  I'm still expecting your experiences...! I am feeling awkward, but giving it ALL I HAVE the next few weeks!  I love you soooo much! P.S. I brought my cord but it isn't working!
Love, Sister Warner

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