Monday, October 28, 2013

Life is Good

Good morning!!! This week was so good!  Literally full of miracles out the ying yang.  But let me start with two points of business.  (1) I live in California and I am so cold all the time.  I am going to fall off my bike because I am always tucking my hands in my armpits.  (2) It is official, I fell off my bike.  On Saturday.  We were going to turn right and the curb just ran away from me... and so when my foot went down it went down to nothing.  So I literally fell straight on my side on the cement.  And my bike fell on top of me.  And the four men standing there just stared at me. It was probably one of the funniest and most humiliating things of my mission.  I get a gold star for that.
This week was awesome!  I feel like I learned a lot about myself as a missionary.  My area has been frustrating lately.  We literally had no investigators.  We got dropped - or in one case, he found out we couldn't date and go out, so we never saw him after that.  Even though it has been pretty hard lately, I have still been able to find the tender mercies and little joys.  We have contacted - a lot!  But I really believe that that is what has made me more bold lately!  Just to be so direct with people about our message and how it will help them.  We saw a lot of miracles from the English class.  We have been working really hard with advertising it and five people from our area came to class this week!!!  And they all said 'yes' to missionaries! We gave a Book of Mormon to a woman named Paula who had marked 'no' to meeting with the missionaries.  She has been going to the class for a couple weeks.  She asked us how to pray and so we wrote in the back how to do so, and gave it to her.  She thanked us so much!  She told us she had never gotten a gift before and that she was so happy.  It was so cool! 
We had one of the coolest miracles ever this week.  Our Bishop had asked us to visit a few people in the ward that he didn't know.  So we went to visit one and couldn't get in, but we tried a few days later.  We sat outside the apartment building until someone opened the door and then went up.  We said we were looking for Wendy and he told us that she had moved.  His name is Alejandro.  So we invited him to English class and he told us he already knew where the church building was.  I asked how, and he said that he was baptized about six years ago, but works on Sundays and hasn't been able to go.  He saw us riding our bikes the other day and waved, but we didn't see him.  He told us he thought to himself, "I think those missionaries are going to come visit me", but he said he wasn't sure why he thought that.  And there we were!  He said that he wants to go back to church and that he is going to do everything he can to get off work on Sunday.  We are going over this week to see him :) 
Jackie and Joseph are doing great, of course!  I love them so much.  Things are really starting to pick up here.  I have really focused lately on putting all of my effort into the work, and the blessings from it has been amazing.  It has made my desire to serve so much greater as well!  This work truly is hastening.  Something I liked from this week, is to choose a friend that you are kind of close with but not super close, and start calling them.  Build up your friendship and invite them to something at the church.  And most importantly share your testimony.  I promise, you all have friends to share this with.  Be bold!  It's hard I know, but you will see blessings.  Pray about it and a name with come to your mind.  Well, that's my shpeel for the week!  I love it here!  I LOVE my Mission President!  He is like my best friend.  He has helped me in so many ways.  I have had some amazing experiences with him that I will write you about.  His wife is so cute.  I'm so blessed. He told me we have one of the hardest assignments for a sister in the mission right now.  I have whitewashed and trained once!  I love it, though.  It could not get any better here!  I am so grateful for this time, and I am definitely taking advantage of it.  I love you so much momma! :)  Hermana Michelle  
P.S. I love you so much, my dear!  Sorry about no pics,  but the computer is too old to send them.  I love you!

Daddy!  I am happy here.  I like how you said you can't imagine me not being here.  I think of that everyday!  I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't followed the soft promptings of the spirit.  I remember I doubted my answer so much, but I know that it was so true.  My heart is here in missionary work.  It is so hard dad, but somehow I wouldn't have it any other way.  I have seen so many tender mercies through the hard times, and it helps you appreciate when things are good. My heart is full of gratitude.  I have been getting better at contacting everyone!  I love talking to people and being bold with them. I am happy :) I hope you thought about me as your rode your bike this week!  I have thought a lot lately about how we are going to be biking buddies when I come home; I have found my new love! I get to beam with pride when members and others ask about my family, I'd say I get to brag a lot.  I love how close we have been through my life.  I really couldn't have asked for a better family! I miss the temple soooo much!  I miss going every week.  Thanks for setting that example of going so that I could be able to do it, too.  My companion is doing well!  I really do love her. Always remember to be happy!!!  Life is so good and my mission is amazing.  Thank you for all you do, my sweet daddio. XOXO 

Happy day for Michelle's high school friend, Elder Chriss, who has been serving in Los Angeles while awaiting his visa to Argentina. It finally arrived 8 months after his mission began! This was taken shortly before he left.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello my dear family!
I feel like I have so much to tell you!  I tried writing things down so I could remember what I needed to tell you.  
I suppose I will start off with Joseph!  Joseph got baptized on Saturday!!  It was amazing.  I have been to a lot of baptismal services in my life, but this one was so special. There was such a special spirit about everything, I was so happy.  Baptisms are amazing, but they are stressful to plan.  I was so stressed trying to get everything together and even more so, right before the program.  But it was amazing to watch how everything just fell into place. Everything just worked.  He was so ready and he was just happy. We were able to sing a musical number for his baptism, which was really cool. I have some of it recorded so I am going to put it on a flash drive and send it to you. His family was there and everyone was super happy!  I sent you my journal page of it :)
He was confirmed yesterday as well. We sat by them during church and afterward, he came and sat down. I asked how he felt and he said, so happy.  Then a few minutes later he turned to me and said, "I almost cried when I was up there".  I asked him if it was because he felt the spirit and he said, yes.  He told me that he felt differently when they gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was awesome!
When Michelle left on her mission, her brother, Bryan, gave her his missionary tag.  Looks pretty good on this young man!
I feel like our area has been pretty hard lately, actually.  A lot of our investigators have gone MIA so we have been working really hard with street contacting and stuff like that.  Street contacting has been one of my weakest areas on my mission.  I had such a hard time stopping people that have somewhere that they are going and talking to them about something that I didn't think they would want to hear.  But I have felt so, so blessed lately as I have been able to talk with everyone!  I was reading this morning and there is a scripture in Mosiah 18:35.  If you look it up it talks about souls.  These are souls that we are working with, not just people.  I have been able to look at these people differently as I see their potential and the love that Heavenly Father has for them.

I have a lot of things to share, but no time!  Things are going so well, I am so happy. I am just enjoying what I do get to do here.  I am going to try really hard to write a letter to you.  But just know I am doing well with everything :)  I am happy!  I am stressed but hey, I am happy!  I love my calling as a missionary.  It is so sacred and I receive so many blessings from it.  I hope you are able to enjoy the happiness that comes from it, as well!  I love you so much!
Love,  Hna Michelle
JOY and happiness!
Hna Wright, Joseph, and Hna Warner

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello my dear mom!
Welcome back to the USA!  It looks like your trip was amazing!!!  I want to feel bad for you for being tired... but I don't, haha.  So cool!  I love the picture you sent of the sister missionaries right in the middle of Florence, Italy!  There was a mom here the other week that took a picture with me, because her daughter is in France right now, it totally reminded me of you.  I don't have a ton of time to email, but I will try and give you a good update of this week.  So I am a trainer!  Sister Hart is so sweet.  Bottom line to training ... it is super hard.  It is way harder than I thought it would be, that's for sure.  I want others to be able to look at their missions the way I do.  I can't even express how much love I have for my mission, but I remember how it was at the beginning.  Everything is so new for her, especially here in Hollywood!  She isn't too fond of her bike yet, but I just keep telling her to go.  I think one of the stresses of training is that it's true, you will never ever forget your trainer.  I still remember things that my trainer did with me.  I want to give her that love and joy that is found in a mission.  
Hna Warner and her new companion, Hna Hart

This week was one of the longest weeks I have had in a while!!  I was just exhausted in every way, shape and form.  Emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I have felt a bit overwhelmed, feeling like I have the area on my shoulders.  Friday was especially hard.  I just felt done for the day!  But at the end of the day, I asked my district leader for a blessing.  I have been with my district leader (Elder Roberts) my whole mission, every single transfer!  So he knows me really well.  I received one of the most beautiful blessings I have ever gotten from him.  He said every single thing I needed to hear.  That Heavenly Father knows I am doing what I can, but I need to continually pray!  (which is all I ever do on my bike, pray!)  I literally felt His love for me and His arms just wrapped around me. I knew He was there and that he wanted me to be happy. Later that night we got a call from President Weidman. He told us that he had been thinking about us a lot that day and that he felt like he needed to call us.  He told us how what we are doing is a task that is particularly hard! Wow, all I needed to hear! But that we were doing well.  I cannot tell you how full my heart was this night.  One of the hardest days I had had in a long time, turned to me one of the most spiritual experiences ever. I felt so much love from my Father and knew that He had answered my prayers.  I have the greatest testimony of prayer because of my mission, it is so powerful. (if you read my Patriarchal blessing, it talks about prayer).

We did a lot of walking this week!  Like hours on hours of walking.  We don't have a lot of people to teach right now, so we are working really hard to find more.  I received a lot of answers through General Conference of what I need to do to find more people.  I have been praying so hard about it.  But we had a really cool experience last night.  I am not a huge fan on street contacting... it's just awkward, but hey, you gotta do it in missionary work!  We contacted this couple last night and then this man came up to us and told us about how he used to go to our church for a period of time.  It really was a tender blessing and we saw the Lord work through us.
We literally walked soooo much!  But I am so happy!  I love being here more than anything.  It is so interesting to see people's perspectives on their missions.  Brooke was telling me about some missionaries from her ward. But all in all, this is just a hoot and a holler here!  I am going to print off your email because I didn't read it all.  So happy everything is going well at home!  I love you more than anything in the world!!

Thank you for your sweet email :)  I like what you said about the spirit.  It is something that I have been working really hard on the past few weeks, to really be able to rely on those sweet promptings of them.  To be able to stop for a second and let the spirit work through these people.  We have been focusing on teaching simply.  That through teaching the very simple doctrines of the gospel, the spirit will always be present.  I am so happy!  Honestly it has been a hard week.  Training is taking everything out of me that I have.  I am so exhausted, but I am trying my hardest. I am working so hard to give her opportunities to work.  She isn't my trainee, she is my companion :) 
I love you more than words can express...

Monday, October 7, 2013


Greetings to Italy (or wherever you are right now...)  This week was crazy!!!  I say this every week, but I literally can't remember all that happened.  There were a lot of meetings, that's what I do remember!  I got my new companion on Wednesday and she is so cute!  Her name is Sister Hart and she is supposed to go to Brazil, so she is just here until she gets her visa.  She reminds me a lot of how I was when I got out here, so hopefully with all my wise experience I can make a difference (I hope you understand sarcasm, via email).  We had a few meetings for her as a new missionary, which where just great. 

I hope that everyone had the chance to watch conference... and if you didn't, watch it.  I hope you took notes and are able to look for ways to apply it.  I looked through a lot of my notes this morning and have started making some goals with them.  Pretty much it was the best conference I have ever seen.  Jackie and Joseph came with us, and she just ate it up. She is so sweet.  All in all, it was a weekend overloaded with the spirit... I loved it so much.  My companion is so sweet and I know that she wouldn't be able to be doing the things that she is right now without the help of the Lord. Please keep us in your prayers :)
I'm not sure if it is just because I am a missionary, or not.  I went into conference with three specific questions and every single one of those questions got answered specifically.  
This is short!  I love you more than words can tell :)  Be safe!!!  Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Hermana Michelle

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Transfer Week!

From left, President and Sister Weidman,
Sister Marsha Richards, and
Elder Kent F. Richards of the
Second Quorum of the Seventy.
Good morning! Thank you for spending a few dollars just to email me!  Mom, I can't believe you are in Rome right now like it's no big deal.  Can we go when I get home? ;)  This week... wowzers!  It has been filled to the max.  With just about every emotion lagging behind it.  We had a lot of random things happen.  We had a lot of meetings!  But there was a lot of bike riding involved... aka sweating! Yay!  We had an awesome opportunity to have a Zone Conference with Elder Richards of the Seventy.  I think he is the one that covers our mission.  Every time I leave meetings I just feel so pumped to go out and work.... I'm such a missionary.  I love it.  But he talked to us a lot about faith.  I left my journal at home, but he had some really awesome points to it.  I have been working a lot on faith in missionary work.  Sometimes it is so hard to contact people on the street without judging what they are going to say.  But it all goes back to remembering my purpose.  That as a missionary I have been set apart to talk to these people who are put in my path.  But I have seen miracles when I am able to act in faith in this work. Pretty much I have the coolest job in the world.  He also talked to us about teaching simply.  Some missionaries complicate teaching so much.  But he explained to us how the spirit comes stronger in lessons when we teach the doctrine straight and to the point.  I love it.

So transfers... the last few days have been a bit frazzling to be honest.  I got a text on Saturday from President Weidman that said to call him.  I looked at my companion and was like, oh no, did I do something wrong??  So I called him back and he said to me, "Sister Warner I am about to give you one of the hardest things you will do on your mission thus far, are you ready?"  Pretty much my stomach dropped.  He told me that I will be training this next transfer, but it is a little different.  She is a visa waiter and she is coming here.  But she was called to speak Portuguese, so that is what she learned in the MTC. But I am going to be teaching and training her in Spanish! She is coming to my area in Spanish and Sister Wright is leaving.  I think the hardest part about it is Sister Wright leaving.  I always heard that people meet their best friends on the mission, but I didn't think much of it.  She has done so much for me and has seriously changed my mission, so I am sad to be being separated.  But transfers are inspired!!!  I am going to grow so much this next transfer.

Gonna miss this girl!
I wish that I could put into words of all the things that I have learned this transfer.  It has been amazing.  I read through some old journal entries the other night and thought about ripping them out, I was so embarrassed, haha.  I have changed so much.  Especially this transfer.  I have always enjoyed my mission, but I found out how to find joy in my mission.  I love being here.  I can't believe how fast time is going and I just want it to slow down!  I found a love for the little things that I did not enjoy!  I learned how to have a positive attitude in hard situations.  All in all, the transfer has completely changed my mission and I love it.

Please pray for me this week!  I am a little nervous about everything that is going to happen, talk about being humbled!  But I know that Heavenly Father is going to give me everything that I need to do it.  It sounds like the family is great, that makes me so happy!  Keep doing good things!  And read your scriptures everyday.  It brings so much happiness.  The church is true!  I love you so much!  Be safe!!


Hermana Michelle