Monday, October 7, 2013


Greetings to Italy (or wherever you are right now...)  This week was crazy!!!  I say this every week, but I literally can't remember all that happened.  There were a lot of meetings, that's what I do remember!  I got my new companion on Wednesday and she is so cute!  Her name is Sister Hart and she is supposed to go to Brazil, so she is just here until she gets her visa.  She reminds me a lot of how I was when I got out here, so hopefully with all my wise experience I can make a difference (I hope you understand sarcasm, via email).  We had a few meetings for her as a new missionary, which where just great. 

I hope that everyone had the chance to watch conference... and if you didn't, watch it.  I hope you took notes and are able to look for ways to apply it.  I looked through a lot of my notes this morning and have started making some goals with them.  Pretty much it was the best conference I have ever seen.  Jackie and Joseph came with us, and she just ate it up. She is so sweet.  All in all, it was a weekend overloaded with the spirit... I loved it so much.  My companion is so sweet and I know that she wouldn't be able to be doing the things that she is right now without the help of the Lord. Please keep us in your prayers :)
I'm not sure if it is just because I am a missionary, or not.  I went into conference with three specific questions and every single one of those questions got answered specifically.  
This is short!  I love you more than words can tell :)  Be safe!!!  Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Hermana Michelle

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