Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello Hello!

Hello hello!
My brain is kind of everywhere, I am going to do my best with this email!  I loved hearing about all the family history you are doing in Canada, mom.  If you would have asked me about a year ago, I probably would have said that's great and not really understood the importance of it.  Family history is amazing!  I hope you continually are able to feel the presence of those dear family members that have passed on.  I love learning more about how our family came to know the church, so I am so excited to be able to do that as well, when I am home. 
Hermana Diaz and Hermana Warner, with the Los Angeles skyline in the background!
We had a lesson this week with a woman named Kristy, she is a member referral. We gave her a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet in our first meeting, but didn't have time to explain them. When we came back for our second appointment, she told us that she had read in the pamphlet and felt something. She explained the feeling and said, "I don't know why, but I felt like I was going to cry. I felt something good inside me."! It was amazing. She is so very prepared and I am so happy that we have the opportunity to teach her. We have a lesson with her tomorrow.
Tender mercy:  There is a sister in our ward, Hermana Almeda.  She is probably in her late 70's or 80's and she comes out with us to lessons sometimes.  Sometimes, I think she is a better missionary than me!  We took her to a lesson and then she said she could come out with us to talk to some people and contact.  We talked to this man on the street and she gets out a bunch of pass-along cards and invited him to church!  Definitely a tender mercy, plus I have a very soft spot in my heart for elderly people :)
Best moment this week:  We did a huge activity as a ward.  We did an airplane simulation.  The airplane crashes and then we all die and we set up some rooms that represented the 3 kingdoms.  It'll take too much time to explain, but I imagine it's on the internet somewhere... it was super fun and Kristy came with her kids and really seemed to enjoy it!  Ah I love being here....! 
The ward is wonderful, I've already told you about them :)  Area - really getting there!  All it needs is a bit of love, we are trying some new things this week.  I am continually learning about faith and how important it is.  Companion - I love her.  We have our differences... but it always works out.  I have loved all my companions though.  Apartment - well, I find cockroaches daily.  Seriously, every day there are cockroaches crawling around.  It's pretty gross, actually.  I have gotten really good and killing them fast. 
I am grateful that I have this time to get to know and understand my Savior more.  I know that He lives and He did so much for us.  We are all important.  We all have our individual personalities and through that, we will be able to bless others lives with them.  I hope that you and others are able to love yourselves.  Through the good and bad.  We are precious children to our Heavenly Father.  I love you with all my heart, enjoy your week :)
Sister Warner

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