Monday, June 9, 2014

Baptism and staying in Torrance!

Hey cutie pie,
So you are correct, transfers are tomorrow! I'm staying, Sis. Johnson is leaving.  I am so sad because I really came to love her a lot.  I gained a testimony that if a companionship works together, they will have more unity.  I am going to miss her and the area is going to miss her.  I was hoping we would both stay together. But, His will is not mine.  
The girl Teresa, that I told you about a few weeks ago got baptized yesterday!  She is so sweet.  So I'll give you a run down.  She had a friend when she was 13 who was a member, but never went to church with her.  Her friend always talked to her about the church.  She went to church in Hawthorne a bit and then moved to Torrance. About 9 months later, she got on and called the sisters in Utah.  They sent her referral to us.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she began reading it.  She called us after church one Sunday and asked when she could get baptized.  We taught her a few times and decided to transfer her to the YSA (she's 24).  She said that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and she felt in her heart that it was true and that she knew this was the right church to be in.  She was really happy yesterday at her baptism.  Sister Johnson and I had prayed in the beginning of the transfer to have a baptism.  Although it wasn't in our area, I'm glad we got to be a small part in it. 
This week we felt like we were struggling a little bit.  We took a second to reevaluate and focus on having more faith.  We prayed really hard and then got out of the car.  We talked to this man and gave him a card, he wasn't really interested.  Then we started walking down the street and this woman stopped her car and yelled to us and asked if she could have a picture of Jesus, too!  We gave her a card and got her info as well.  It was really cool to see that immediately the Lord blessed us. 
I know that we are going to see a lot of miracles this next transfer!!  I am just going to push and work as hard as I can!!  Everything about missionary work is easier when you work hard.  I am  so grateful to be here.  Good job on your race momma!  I love you with all my heart!  Love, Sister Warner
Dear Dad,
Thank you for the suggestion of stopping to feel the Spirit, during the lesson.  I really like that and i am going to try and use it this week!  Oftentimes, the Spirit is there, but you're right, they don't understand it yet.  It was a good week!  I have been tired, but I figure I can rest when I get home.  Transfers are tomorrow.  I'm super sad because I'm staying and Sister Johnson is leaving.  I have really learned to love her a lot.  She is the sweetest girl and has such a pure heart.  She grew and changed so much.  I've been so blessed, my companions have all been amazing. My new companion is Tongan and I went on exchanges with her last transfer!  I love you more than you will ever understand, daddy!  Love, Michelle

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