Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back to Hermosa Liahona!

Hola!! Wow, what a week!  Just really quick info, the AP's called me on Thursday, and said there were some changes going on in the mission and that I was leaving and transferring back to Hermosa Liahona, my previous area!!  It was so weird.  I have no idea what happened but I promise I didn't do anything, ha ha.  I am not sure why, but the Lord works in mysterious ways!  I love this ward though, I felt like I was at home again yesterday at church.  I loved my old area and I worked soooo hard there.  But it is nice to be back in Spanish, it feels like my mission (not that it didn't in my last area! It's just what I've been used to the last year). I don't have much to report on because everything has been crazy.  But we are working hard here.  My companion's name is Sister Diaz and she is Honduran.  She's 26 and is from New Jersey.  It's her 3rd transfer.  I LOVE my new companion.  Absolutely love her!  She is awesome!  I am really excited to be with her.
Sister Johnson, Kate, and Sister Warner before transfers
Eeek, you got my travel itinerary! I feel a bit bittersweet with emailing.  I can't believe you got my travel plans.  I know what you mean when you said you were happy, but then felt sad.  As a missionary, I am so tired!  Oh sometimes, what I would do to just be able to take a WHOLE day and sit and do absolutely nothing.  Just sit.  And sleep.  It sounds like heaven.  I am excited to have time to recuperate myself.  BUT.... now that I actually think about it, it really doesn't sound as heavenly. Reading what you wrote about the more bitter than sweet side is SO true.  I never thought I would love my mission the way I do right now.  Never! I have changed completely.  I am not who I was over a year ago.  I know I have said that a million times, but every time I say it, that I have changed even more!  I just feel different.  I feel calmer.  I think that is a good work to explain it.  I don't understand everything, but I understand much more.  I understand that I cannot do anything without the help of my Heavenly Father.  I have come to have a relationship with my Savior that I am not sure how I would have acquired at home.  I feel a joy that has only been able to come through serving others.  I have and still am learning to be selfless (trust me, I still have a looooong way on all of these).  Something incredibly important is how I am learning how to love.  To love others and do everything I can to see them as their Heavenly Father sees them.  It is so hard for us as human beings to not judge.  I have a hard time with it too!  But we must be so, so careful of how we see others and how we think of them.  They are just as special as we are.  And we must recognize that we have many weaknesses as well.  There is not one person on this earth that is perfect, except for Jesus Christ.  Anyway I'm sorry, I am just going on now.  All in all, I don't know where I would be without the guidance of my mission.  It has matured me more than anything ever could have at my age and point in life.  I am so grateful for it. 
I challenge you and whoever still reads these emails (if you still do, I am impressed!) to look at others with love.  Do not judge and do not talk down about anyone.  It is so hard, it's hard as a missionary.  But I promise you will feel the blessings of it afterward.  Look for others that need service and that pure love of Christ.  I know this is true.  I have come to that knowledge here, through all the struggles and pains.  It is the only thing that has gotten me through them.  I love you with all my heart. 
Love, Sister Warner
Wow daddy, thank you so much for this email.  I really, really needed it.  You are amazing.  I thought a lot yesterday [Fathers Day], about how grateful I am for you.  All the many, many things you have done for me.  You are such a selfless person.  Did you get my letter?
We had some crazy changes this week that I was involved in.  I got moved back to Hermosa Liahona!  Spanish!! I'm not sure what happened, but something. There were a lot of changes.... But it was a true answer to my prayers, I will explain more about it when I am home one day.
I have felt Michael sooo close this week.  I have pleaded in prayer this week, it was really hard for me.  I felt him right next to me.  I know that he is here with me.  I will be thinking about you alot this Saturday! Make it a good and happy day to remember Michael!  He is so sweet, he is always with me. I absolutely love everything about being here.  My heart just feels overwhelmed with gratitude.  I know with absolutely no doubt that I had to be here.  I love changing and growing.  I love you with all my heart daddio!  Thank you for everything  :)  
She's still our fun, crazy girl!

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