Monday, June 23, 2014

Helllloo to you!  Ok, I love this area! I am wonderful! It is so interesting to me because the last time I was here, I felt like it was a really hard area. But this area doesn't feel hard at all, you just have to really work here. We saw some really awesome miracles. First, is from a woman that we have been teaching named R. She has gone through so much in her life, her son was murdered in Guatemala less than a year ago. She hurts and feels the pain of it and has a really hard time letting go of the anger towards the man that killed her son. We found her through LA English. The sisters had been working with her a lot and were going to drop her, but then she started reading the Book of Mormon. She loves it and reads it daily. The last lessons we had had with her, she didn't seem to be progressing and always made excuses for church.  We thought about dropping her. We fasted together last week for her. Last Monday, we visited her and she told us that she was going to come to church!! When she says she will do something, she sticks to her word. So yesterday morning we went to her home before church and we all walked to church together! She looked so pretty and really had a light in her eye. Her son was a member. I know that there are angels watching over her so closely and are helping her to progress. She was really depressed when the sisters started visiting her. She still gets sad, but she has said multiple times in the last few weeks how much happier she is and how much she has changed. Another one is with a woman named C. Her son got baptized yesterday. They fight like cats and dogs! We had a lesson with them last week and they kept yelling at each other. We felt inspired to invite them to pray together every night. They did it!!! They have been praying together every night. We went over there yesterday and there was a different feeling in their home. It was amazing and such a testimony builder for me.
I thought about you a lot on Saturday.  I didn't even think about the day sequence.  We had a really busy day here, I was a little sad that I couldn't take more time to reflect on the day.  It was a really special day here, actually.  I felt Michael with me throughout the day.  We are so blessed to have our angels with us so close.  They are watching over us all the time! What a blessing it is to have the Gospel in our lives and know for sure that we will be with our families again one day.  I know that that is true and I have no doubt that we will live with those who have passed on.  I love sharing this message of eternal families with those around me.  The Gospel brings families so close together.  I am grateful that I have such a strong base for my future family.  Sorry, I didn't answer your questions but next week throughout the week I am going to answer them so that I have an answer for you next week :)  Things are going great here.  A lot of people are asking how I feel about coming home in a little.  I still have a bit of time!  I just don't think about it and work like usual.  Thank you for your support and prayers, I couldn't be doing this without them.  I love you more than words can say!!  Love, Sister Warner
P.S. Please don't rent the Cedar house before I get an opportunity to go down! Okay, I love you.  Also, I forgot my cord... I have pictures! Sorry 

Dear Dad,

It was a wonderful week here!  Lots of opportunities to find, we found new investigators and have a pool of people we are teaching.  One of our sweet investigators went to church yesterday.  We walked with her.  She is about 74 years old, I think.  She put her hair down and had a pretty dress on.  She was like a light in the church!  It brought so much joy to my heart.  Everything about this work brings me that joy.  I used to think this area was so hard, but it's not!  It just needs some love.  How was Saturday?  I thought about you a bit, but couldn't too much because we were soooo busy that day. I'm still trying to change and be better.  I talked to President this week. We had Zone interviews.  I had a little panic attack about coming home and asked him if I could stay longer.  He told me that my ticket was bought and I couldn't, so I'm just going to have to go home and do my best!  He said he wasn't worried about me at all.  Love you, dad.  Michelle 

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