Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My dearest mother,
Your email was sweet, it brought a lot of peace to my heart.  Thank you for the words that you shared with me.  You are wonderful.  I'm not going to have a lot of time to talk about this week, but I am going to answer your questions.  This week was a little harder.  Yeah, this is going to sound really lame, but it was hard simply because I kept getting these migraines.  I so badly wanted to be out working and finding and getting to our appointments, but I just felt yucky.  I have been thinking about the why's of this (because it's been going on for a while....) I'll let you know when I figure out, but for now, I think it's teaching me patience.  But every time we went out, we saw a lot of miracles.  The Lord really made up for the rest.  A big tender mercy of mine was a less active that we saw this week.  His wife is trying to get back to church slowly.  It's cool, she has been having a lot of anxiety and said that every time she feels that way she opens the Book of Mormon and reads until she calms down :)  But he has never been into the church.  We went and visited him while his wife wasn't there and he opened up more.  His daughter is 9 and really wants him to baptize her.  He told us that he really does want to be able to baptize her.  There really isn't anything miraculous that we said in this lesson, but the spirit was SO strong and undeniable.  We really felt the spirit working through us, as we testified of the blessings of eternal families.  It was awesome. 
Another one is our recent convert that got baptized last Saturday.  She came with us to a lesson with this man and his wife.  We were talking and Sister Landon turned over to her and said, invite them to be baptized.  She just said yes, and then shared her testimony and invited them to be baptized.  It was sooo cool!  She had no fear with it.  
I learned a lot in a lesson we had last night with a less active.  He hasn't gone to church in a long time and has a lot of doubts.  He kept stating questions that he had.  Sometimes, when people just ask question after question, we just want to answer them and make all their doubts disappear.  But, that's not how to do it.  We answered his questions with the doctrine that Christ taught.  We didn't answer specifically all of his doubts, but we gave him the basics.  It's based on knowing that the church was restored by Joseph Smith, that Jesus Christ organized this church - therefore we need an organized church, and the simple truths of the Gospel.  We don't have to fight for every question to be answered, it is a matter of praying to develop our own testimony.  I'm not sure if any of that made sense.
I am learning so much.  I know that I am supposed to be here.  Ahh, I love my mission!  Keep reading the Book of Mormon every day as well as PMG :)  I'm glad you found mine, I hope you enjoyed reading it :)  Don't forget to love people.  You are sooo good at it, just remember.  Especially those that don't accept you, or aren't as nice as you hope.  Everyone is a child of our Heavenly Father.  Everyone. Okay!  I am excited to get your package, momma!  Thank you for everything, you are amazing.  Hope you get to enjoy your week. I love you so much! Hermana Michelle
This is Tere - my Mexican twin!  I love her!
Hi Daddio!
I forgot that Easter was next week, it crept up on me!  I am so excited.  I love that I truly understand what Easter is.  It will be different this year, even different than last year.  As I look at my mission, I have had hard, hard days.  I have suffered a bit, but I have learned what I need to.  I have been shaped and still am being shaped.  I have had to change in ways that I felt were impossible.  Things that I didn't realize that I needed to change.  I am completely different.  I am grateful that I get my mission to learn these things.  
I had a lot of migraine headaches this week, ugh. Investigators are good.  No one is progressing right now because people are soooo busy.  But we have sooo many potentials!  So next week I will tell you how allllllllllll of our investigators are doing!  Sister Training Leader is going so well, I am learning a lot about how I can be better and understanding my leadership more.  I love it!
Please do a little easter egg hung with non members too!  Ah, find all the non-members and just love them.  Love our neighbor.  When you see her, serve her, do anything you can to just love her.  Whether she accepts the Gospel or not.  I have thought about her a lot.  I love you daddy :)

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