Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Blessings...

Hola hola!
I LOVED CONFERENCE!  Seriously it was amazing.  Another reason as to why I am grateful for my mission, it has helped me understand the need for a Prophet and Apostles, as well as to receive their counsel.  So not only should we receive their counsel, but we need to find ways to apply it.  I took the notes that I wrote during conference and have been highlighting the parts that I feel I need to apply to my life.  It has honestly been very inspiring.  I feel like they spoke directly to me!  I went in with questions and I was able to have every question answered.  As I was reviewing my notes this morning this quote stuck out to me.  President Eyring said, "If the blessings were immediate, choosing the right would not build faith."  Wow.  As well as Elder Holland said, "Pure Christlike love, flowing from pure righteousness, can change the world." Again, wow!  I received so many answers from this.  I know that Heavenly Father guided those who spoke to us.
Downey Zone!  Almost half are Sisters!  Sooo cool....
Between conferences we went to work in our area super quick.  We went to try and find a referral that we had tried before.  We started talking to this guy that didn't really want to talk to us.... but we kept talking to him anyway, haha.  Then this man pulled up to us and was like, "Hey, are you Christians?  I've been looking for a church."  Turns out HE was the referral and he told us about how he had really been struggling.  He has been going to different churches but hasn't felt anything.  He is so sad and just needs peace and hope in his life.  It was really a great experience!  We testified of the strength we receive from the Atonement and the joy that the Gospel brings us.  Sister Landon promised him blessings, and you could tell he could feel the Spirit.  So hopefully, things start going well with him!  Another thing Conference taught me - promised blessings!  When those who spoke, promised the blessings, it really made me want to do it.  I hope you ALL heard the talk from Elder Ballard about reading "Preach My Gospel!!!!!"  Just my favorite book in the world, haha.  He focused on the basics.  If you aren't reading the Book of Mormon/scriptures everyday, I invite you to repent.  Haha, but really, I do.  Because it is a commandment.  We have to, we must have that spiritual strength in our lives.  I know that if we read the scriptures and pray daily that we will have a greater strength.  We will understand why we must share this Gospel.  I am so happy.  I love my companion, she is such a good example to me.
I loved this week!! I love you so much!  Hermana Michelle

Hi daddio!  

I loved conference this week, it was amazing.  I didn't want it to finish.  Weird to think that I'll be there next Conference, speaking of, can we get tickets and go to the conference center next conference?  I liked your story haha!  It's not funny, I just liked it.  It reminds me of how we have to be prepared for anything.  I am really working on that.  I'm working really hard on organization. Missionary work is so good.  If the whole mission worked like the MLC (leadership), we would have 30 baptisms a week.  Will you tell me a story from your mission?  My head hurts really bad so I am going to be lame and stop there.  How are you doing?  I love you!  Hermana Warner
 Nasty Cockroaches!
A little piece of home!

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