Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baptisms & Earthquakes!

Hola hola, familia!
This week was soooooo cool. I don't have a lot of time to go into details, but I'll tell what I can. So every week we have a leadership call with all the ZL and STL's [Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders]. President said that if we were working with anyone that was close to baptism, to do everything in our power to have them be baptized that Sunday. Often times we, as missionaries don't fight hard enough for our investigators. We allow them to push back their baptismal dates and take it slow. But when that happens, we know that we are allowing Satan to get in the way. I have never really thought that hard about that. But it is true! We had two investigators that we were going to push their date back because they didn't feel ready. We prayed really hard to know when they should get baptized, and then heard what President said. So we worked for it. We worked so hard and fought for them to be able to be baptized on Sunday. We felt the Spirit work so strongly through us in our lessons this last week. We only opened our mouths when we felt the impressions. We were talking about it, and we know that they were able to feel how much we love them and how strong our desires for them, through the lessons we had this week. And it all worked out. Yesterday Gina and Brenda were baptized! It was an incredible service. The spirit was so strong and you could literally feel how happy Heavenly Father was of them. They were so pure and just looked as though a burden had been lifted. I love them so much and was able to feel a huge love for them this week. It brought so much joy to my heart. I also saw how wonderfully the sisters before me worked with her. It taught me a lot about how Heavenly Father wants us to help His children. We need to fight for our investigators. I am truly going to be a better missionary after this experience. Heavenly Father is helping me so much to learn. 
I felt the EARTHQUAKE this time! We were actually parking our car and Sister Landon was backing me (this really cool thing we do as missionaries, ask an RM about it). She was standing outside and was like wow... what is that?!! And then the car started moving back and forth. So she hurried and got in the car and we just sat there while the ground was moving!! It was soooo weird. We felt a lot of little ones after, but nothing that big. I wasn't scared though, it was kind of cool actually. We have been reading a sheet about what to do in case of an earthquake, so no worries. I won't die. 
Sister Shepherd went home, I cried a lot. I am soooo grateful that I was
her sister training leader when it happened. I know that that was such a
huge blessing for both of us, from Heavenly Father. She is my best friend. 
We had a cool miracle last night.  It was 9 o'clock and we parked kind of far from our house. I was so tired.  A man walked passed us and me and my companion looked at each other.  We turned around and talked to him.  We made a really good connection with him and asked questions that really opened him up.  His name is Oscar.  He agreed with what we said, as well as he accepted a return appointment!  The Spirit was so strong. I know he felt it.  I am so happy here.  I love sharing what I know to be true with others.  Thank you for always being my ray of sunshine!  I love you all with all of my heart!
Okay I really don't have time anymore, I am so sorry! Hope you got my card this week! I am trying to write in my journal! Ah momma, I love you so much! Have a great week and enjoy every second of General Conference, I know I will! 
Love, Hermana Michelle

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