Monday, February 3, 2014


Buenas tardes mi amor!
Well you're in for quite a treat with this email.  I'll start off with I made it through the week!  And what a week it was.  I will give you a little update about our area.  So I told you about a man that called us last week, telling us he wanted to get baptized.  So, his name is F.  He called asking for the lessons so he could get baptized.  He had talked to his dad on the phone (who lives in El Salvador), whom he hasn't spoken to in quite a few years.  He said that there was something different about his dad as he talked to him.  He could feel that he had changed.  Well, his dad is a member of the church, still pretty recently, too.  His aunts, who are in our area and are recent converts, had talked to him about the church and he had gone to church a few times with them.  He saw that his aunts had changed and it must be something pretty "special".  Teaching him has been one of the most incredible experiences for me.  It has strengthened me so much in knowing that our Father in Heaven is preparing people.  I have never met someone as prepared as F.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and he said he would give up coffee without asking any questions.  It has been one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission teaching him.  He is so accepting of the Gospel.  He is getting baptized next Sunday, which is also his birthday :)

So it's the end of the transfer.. I usually do a run down.  Bryan told me something interesting today in his email.  He said that as he has been reading his mission journal every night, he has realized that he wrote more about his personal progress than anything else.  It made me realize that my journal is the same.  Granted, I write about super awesome lessons and really awkward experiences.  It's been amazing to go back and see the changes.  Saying these last three transfers have been hard, is an understatement.  This has been a hard area. I have never felt emotional and physical pains the way I have!  I've never slept as poorly in my whole life.  Never had so many headaches.  Never felt so much stress.  I've felt alone at times, and like I couldn't go on.  All in all, I have felt exhausted beyond belief.  So the point of all this, is to try to express to you who I have become.  I have changed immensly.  I have never felt the comfort of my Heavenly Father so strongly.  I have never felt the power of the Atonement more fully.  I have never prayed with so much of my heart.  I have never read the scriptures as deeply as I do now.  I just feel like I get it all.  I get my purpose and I get my mission.  I understand why it's been so hard, and that is because as children of our Heavenly Father, He so deeply desires that we become as He is.  He has sent us to this imperfect and hard world to become perfect like Him.  To pass through the hard days in order to be happier.  Really, I just get it!  I feel so much purpose here on this earth as I have the opportunity to help His children come closer to Him.  I know that He is there, I have absolutely no doubt about it.  I know that He is incredibly aware of each one of His children.  His plan is beautiful.  This is what these transfers over the past five months have taught me - we pass through trials to see the good and joy of His Gospel.  
The past five months has completely changed my nature and me.  I am a very different person than I was five months ago.  I love others and myself deeper. I understand what role the Gospel plays and will play in my life.  I understand the Atonement because I have had to use it for strength and to make up for my weaknesses. I know my Heavenly Father.  I know when I pray, I am literally speaking with Him.  I feel what the Gospel gives us.  It blesses us individually and within our families.  I am learning to be understanding.  These times have made me feel the true and pure joy of this perfect Gospel. It has converted me.  I could never deny it, because of the divine blessings I have participated in.  You've showed me by example, growing up.  Thank you for loving the temple, and the Book of Mormon.  I am so happy here, thank you for making it possible for me.  I wouldn't trade these five months for anything.
We all have a purpose to grow and progress.  Anyway, I'm getting preachy here.  Bottom line - I love my mission!! It is a huge definer of who I am.  I love you so very much and appreciate the endless support I receive from you and those at home, I truly do feel it.  Love you :)  Hermana Michelle
P.S. No pictures this week, I forgot my cord!

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