Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello, my family!
Okay, so I am going to try my hardest to give you details this week. I figure I have this perfect memory and will just remember the little things forever... false, I have memory loss problems.  So, F.!  He shared with us an experience this week where he felt like the Lord had blessed him. He applied for a job and the same day they called him to go in and have an interview. He was so excited and he explained to us that he knew it was because of the decisions he was making.  We taught about the Holy Ghost this week and explained it in more depth. Something that really amazed me, is that as we spoke to Fernando about the Holy Ghost he said how not only was he excited to receive it, but to receive the Priesthood and go to the temple in a year.  He really understands that the gospel is a life long commitment.  He receive the Holy Ghost yesterday!  It was such a neat experience for me to be able to watch.  Last night we had to stop by his apartment to get his signature for a paper we have to send into the church, and he gave us some pan dulce (sweet bread) and it was soooo good!  He is seriously so sweet.
M. has been falling off a little bit.  We haven't been able to meet with him much due to his work schedule, but we stopped by for a second and caught him last night.  We have an apt for tonight so hopefully all goes well.  We are focusing really hard on teaching with the spirit.  Sometimes, as missionaries we just teach the lessons and assume that they get it and that they're feeling the spirit.  Well.. sometimes that isn't true.  We have to teach to people's needs and understand what it is that Heavenly Father wants them to have.  He has some great potential.  We really don't have many investigators in this area.  We are kind of starting from scratch, I feel like I have felt when I've whitewashed an area.  We spent most of our days walking and advertising LA English, which was good!  
I may or may not have woken up with sore thighs one day this week, because of all of our walking!  Speaking of soreness, here is another fun story.  We went on exchanges this week.  We had gone running in the morning and from the inside our door was unlocked.  Well, the outside was a different story.  Long story short - we locked ourselves out of our apartment.  We had to run about 20 blocks to the sisters apartment to get the spare key from Sister Wright.  I am pretty out of shape lately (I blame the rice and tortillas... or Cafe Rio) so I was a bit sore the next day.  It made for a good story though.  You asked about LA English here.  It is way, way slower than it was in Hollywood. Granted, there aren't 32,483,759,235,834 people here.  But we did get new students in our area!  Score!  I used to teach a class... but I'm way better at greeting people at the door.  Latinos are literally my best friends!  I could talk to a Latino on the street wayyyyy easier than anyone else.  Anyway, all in all life keeps going!  Things are good, hopefully the area starts picking up soon.  Actually, I know it will.  I love it here!  I can't believe time is going by sooooo fast, it needs to slow down a little bit.  I've had to start thinking a little bit about school.  But usually it just goes over my head when someone asks me about it.  The church is true!  I love you sooo much!!
Hermana Michelle

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