Monday, January 27, 2014

Very brief preview of my week-
We had an investigator call us last night.  He is from a part member family - the family is amazing!  Anyway he called us and said he wants to receive the lessons so that we can get baptized as soon as possible.  We taught him one other lesson and then he moved for a bit.  He has been to church various times.  He is the sweetest, his name is F.  He's so prepared.
We went to the visitors center with M., our investigator.  He felt the spirit really strong!  Good stuff. 
I am learning like crazyyyyyyyyyyy.  Like things I never thought I would develop.  I am developing so much patience and love.  It amazes me that I am doing that.  I love this work so much.  This is what truly brings me joy and the happiness that I need and want in my life.  I hope everyone's Gospel sharing is going great.  I love you so very much!  Michelle

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