Monday, January 13, 2014

Another week.....

Hola mama and papa!

Well, just telling me about the clip from Elder Holland and the Atonement brought tears to my eyes.  This mission does help us understand a small, tiny part of what the Atonement was like.  But it helps us understand more than I ever would at home.


It sounds super silly, but my lack of sleep has really been hard on me.  As a missionary you want to do all you can to push forward the work.  And that is how I feel, I want to put everything I can into it.  It's so hard lately, because I am tired.   But hey - I know it will get better!
On that downer note, it really was a good week!  We saw some great miracles. Let me add a side note in here.  This is one of the hardest areas I have served in because many people are so prideful, because they have more money.  Some people are so unhappy! But everything that happens really is a miracle.  And we really do see the Lord's hand in our work.  The other week we received a referral for a woman named R.  We had a great lesson with her and she was super receptive.  She has two kids and they are the cutest!  And thennnnn.... she came to church yesterday, with her kids!  Yay!!  Church is one of the most important things for an investigator to do.  She was a little confused; the first time is always a little scary.  She had some great fellowshipping in the ward and there is an Hermana in the ward that she actually works with!  I know that Heavenly Father is consecrating our efforts, it's amazing.
Toilets everywhere in LA!
Sister Shepherd burned the popcorn, not just brown but on fire!  Our apt still smells, ha ha
It was a bit of an up and down week!  We did a lot of contacting and got alot of "what are you doings?" But it is all worth it :) I think this area is making my skin even thicker! I am learning a lot here. Mostly charity, which we all know is Sister Warner's weak point. Just kidding, but I have learned a lot about it. I read a scripture this morning about what charity means to our Heavenly Father. If you read 1 Corinthians 13, we really understand.  As well as 2 Nephi 26 (I think) there was a great scripture there.  I am doing so great!  So sad to hear about the house, mom.... talked to dad about it a bit.  Just remember that we are all going to have really terrible, tiring, frustrating, bad days. Haha, I have had many similar experiences, quite a few on my mission. But those times are what shape us to be better.  So take it with open arms.  Understand. And not just in this situation, but in everything. I am soo proud of you for reading!  Make sure you make it an everyday habit. I am going to be the coolest member when I get home.  Never forget that over everything we do, our Heavenly Father is the first one in our lives.  You are in my thoughts and prayers this week a lot!  I love you so much!  Love, Hermana Michelle
P.S. I am going to get your pkg right now, I am at the mission office.

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