Monday, August 5, 2013

Transfer to Hollywood!

Hello my sweet mother!
This week we did a lot of contacting and a lot of less-actives.  We have a baptismal date, but it isn't super set.  Also in my email today, I am feeling a bit melancholy.  We received a call this morning and because of some circumstances in another area, we are having a transfer.  So, my sweet Hermana Sorto is staying in Lynwood and I am going to Hollywood!  I am just sad to leave her.  I really thought we would be together another transfer!  But missions are just that way, and as much as I don't want to realize it.. every call is for a reason!  I know that it will be good and I will still learn a lot. 
We have planned a little workshop that we are going to do in our branch because our branch is pretty weak.  We are going to do a missionary workshop and talk about ways that members are able to share the gospel, and what members can do or say in lessons.  We had a lesson the other week and we were teaching the restoration, and the member started talking about tithing and how babies don't need to be baptized... so it's a good thing.  As members of the church we want to share our testimonies, but sometimes we just don't know how!  And missionaries we are still learning, but we had to have training.  So my friends, I invite you to study 'Preach my Gospel' and invite people to church things with you :)  Yes I sound like such a missionary, I know!  But seriously the Gospel is so easy to share!  Talk to non-members about it, share a simple testimony because that is what is going to touch their hearts.  We held a little workshop for the leaders before we do it again with all of the memebrs, and they loved it, which was awesome!!  It is awesome doing things like this so that I will be able to take it in to other areas and be able to help those areas grow and progress.  
My Mission President sent me a text the other day that said he saw me in our [Oly Titans Missionary] video online!  He told me that he was glad that I am here.  That has been something that I have been reflecting and thinking about a lot this last week, are the reasons that I am here, and how I am going to grow through those experiences.  I remember when I received my answer as to why I should go on a mission and I doubted it forever!  I felt like I couldn't do it, even after I had received my call.  But, I knew that I was supposed to do it.  And I am so so happy that I did.  Because I have changed so much.  And I still have so much room to change as well.  That is the one thing about a mission, is being able to humble yourself and allow that change.  Because sometimes I think that I am doing great and there isn't anything I need to change and then - bam - pride strike!  Haha, every time I feel comfortable, a change happens.  But I have really seen the tender mercies from Heavenly Father through those changes.
I think the best thing that happened this week is that I learned how to better work with members.  I am working on how to see others as our Heavenly Father would see them.  So once I am able to love my members, then I will be able to help them grow and progress!   There was a lot of laughing and a bit of crying today, but all is well, my dear :)  I am still working!  I am so, SO greatful for this chance that I have!  I have been so blessed to be able to be on a mission and I am thankful for the tender mercies that reminds me of that. 
Happy 35th anniversary!  You two are so old!  I am happy that you enjoyed your day!  Don't kill me but I didn't take any pictures this week... ah!  But next week I promise!  Okay my dear, well you are always, always in my thoughts and prayers.  I love you more than words can express!  Have a wonderful week!  
Love,  Hermana Michelle

Hello daddy!
Sounds like you and mom had a great week together!  Bryan sent me pictures from the ride. Things are crazy in the real world.  I sent you the email I sent to mom, so it has kind of been a crazy ride this morning!  I am sad to leave my companion, I love her so much.  But for whatever reason it was, I am supposed to be somewhere else right now.  I have really learned how to better deal with rejection, it sounds silly but it truly is a tender mercy.  I have really learned about agency, and as much as I dislike it, everyone has it.  And all I can do is offer what I have to them.  I really think I am doing well, I can't think of anything I might need.  Oh I lied, I need my running watch!  The one that you gave me for Christmas the other year, I want to use that in the morning when we run.  And pictures... send a lot of pictures please!  Things really are going well and I am happy!  I love you so so much!  Michelle

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