Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Melrose, in Hollywood California!

Hello Beautiful!  How are you doing?!  I am sorry that my email was short last week and wasn't too detailed, I wasn't sure of every detail of why I was transferred.  I still am not, but just some things that happened in another area I guess.  I don't have a lot of specifics about it, but it happened!  It was a crazy week.  On P-day last Monday, I seriously just sobbed.  Before we got out of the car, I took 20 minutes just to sit there and let myself feel selfish for a minute, haha.  It was hard to leave, but I tried looking at the reasons for it.  I have an awesome companion!  Seriously, she is great. 
Her name is Hermana Wright and she is from Utah/Colorado (that is where her parents live right now).  I have wondered a lot why I am here in this moment of my mission, but it has been amazing.  I have seen so many reasons why.  One thing that I have learned more than anything on my mission is that everything happens for a reason.  This transfer is so inspired.  I know without doubt that every transfer is inspired no matter what the situation.  So I will tell you a little about our area.  We are in Hollywood in an area called Melrose. 
The area up from us has the Hollywood sign in their area so we are really close to it.  And if anyone is thinking that this is the Hollywood where it's glam and fame everywhere well... They are very wrong, haha.  I have never seen so many weird things in my life than I have here.   We are in a walking area.  And let me tell ya, our area isn't super small.  I kind of want to die sometimes walking so much and I am starting to get feeling back in my legs.... okay that was dramatic :-)  But leading from that, I need shoes.  I only have my white shoes to walk in and I need something comfy.  So if you happen to find anything good for walking please please send it to me :)   I took a million random pictures this week.  But it has been a good week.
I don't have much to update you on because it has just been me getting to know this area better.  But one thing that I do want you to know is this, I love my mission.  I never thought in my life that I would love it this much.  Especially in this situation where I am physically exhausted all day!  I have never had so much fun.  I love being here, I love learning Spanish, I love the members, and I love watching my testimony grow from others.  I have learned so much from others that I have been around in my mission and I love it.  And I have watched my testimony grow and I hear others doubts.  Because I know that it is true.  And that is what is really important to me.  I am just happy here.  And I cannot believe I have almost been out for 1/3 of my mission!  It has gone by so fast and just keeps getting faster.   But all I know is that I will enjoy the time that I do have here.  This is the hardest thing I have ever done!  But it is so awesome.  I love meeting crazies everyday on the street.  I love it.  I talked to Hma Sorto on the phone last night and she is having a hard time, but she got your package, mom.  She said to me in her sweet little accent and was telling me all about getting it, and she said, "I have never felt so loved before.  I just know that your mom loves me."  She just told me what you sent her and it made my heart so happy.  You are so special to her Mom.  She truly feels the love of Heavenly Father through you, so thank you for that. 
We have some really cool people we are working with right now and I know we will start to find more.  
Life is good momma!  Share the Gospel, seriously!  It doesn't have to be a BOM or a huge testimony meeting, but just share something with someone about how the Gospel has blessed your life.  You will feel the joy of missionary work!  I love you with every ounce that my heart holds!  xoxox
Hermana Michelle

Hello Daddy!
Yes, I live in Hollywood!  I am in a Spanish area.  Our ward is amazing and I love it.  It has been hard, but Heavenly Father knows better than us and he has sent us here to grow and learn.  I love my new companion!  I have already learned a lot from her.  I have heard a lot of blessings in Spanish and it is amazing to me to hear the words that come from our Father in Heaven to a missionary that doesn't know Spanish that well.  I have grown so much in my Spanish, I love it!  All I can ever do is rely on the Lord, and I'd say it's working pretty well. You are amazing daddy, thank you for your emails and prayers.  Send me some pics please!  I think about you all the time.  I am doing well and I am really happy.  I am going to write you a letter about stories because I never have time to email them.  I love you so much :)  xoxo

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