Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When you Lose Yourself, You find Yourself

Hello my sweet family!
It sounds like your week was good, I am happy for that!  I told dad that you two should go to the temple together at least once a month. That is me as a missionary extending and invitation to you, you have your free agency to choose ;) haha okay, just kidding.  This week was good!  It was exhausting.  I am physically and emotionally drained! My feet hurt... like all the time.  And my shoes are losing their comfort and they aren't even white anymore.  But hey, it's all good! It doesn't bother me too much. We got transfer calls and we are staying together, but our area doubled!  It sounds like a lot, but it was really small in the first place. So now we need bikes which is going to be fun! And I think I might approach the President, because I feel incredibly scared at 8:30 when I am walking the streets here. Anywayyyy, no worries with that :)  So things are going great here! 

We have some really, really amazing people we are working with right now.  One of them is Jackie and Joseph. Jackie is the mom and Joseph is her son, he is 11.  
They had a baptismal date but it didn't exactly work out because we weren't able to teach all of the lessons by then.  We told Joseph yesterday and he was sooo sad. We went to the Visitors Center with them this week! There was such a special spirit there with them. We focused on families. They are so, so special mom.  I feel the spirit so strong when I am with them. Pray for them!  They are going to get there, I know it.
I have told a few people about President Monsen living in my home ward! It is such a blessing that I can share with other people!  I miss having that spirit of him at church, I really do.  Don't ever take advantage of it :)
P-Day zone activity at the ward!
We lived in an apartment with two other sisters (they slept in the living room... yeah our apt is tiny), but one of them is going home today!  I realized that I have soooo many things to do before I go home and that I still haven't accomplished -  a lot of things that I am hoping for.  So in other words my whole week has been revolved around how I can become a consecrated missionary.  It is so hard! I have read a bunch of talks about it and I have some really awesome goals for this transfer.  That is something that I have realized about a mission, it kind of slaps you in the face (okay, that sounds rough). But through every moment -- investigators dropping us, people ignoring a simple hi, doors in our face, I am becoming that person that I have looked for.  I love seeing it.
A mission is so special because you get to look at everyone in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, and that includes yourself.  I love my mission.  I love who it is shaping me to be. I love the hard times! They make me want to try harder. I don't think that I could put into words how amazing a mission is.  I have never regretted my decision out here!  Sorry my email is all over the place, but all in all things are going well here :)  I am happy and alive!  You are always in my prayers!  I love you so much!  
Hermana Warner

P.S. I need to explain mail... our District Leader picks up mail on Wed. or Thurs. and then we get it on Friday. Sorry, I always forget to explain it
Hermana Warner and Elder Williams 
(a good friend of a family member, 
who is serving in her same mission!)

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