Monday, August 26, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

Hello my sweet momma! 

My week was wonderful!  I don't even know how time goes by so fast here!  I can't believe it is Monday again.  This week was a little crazy because we got our own apartment!  Yay!  And it used to be an Elders apartment.....not yay.  But we have an apartment, so it's awesome!  I think it is one of the more expensive in the mission.  It is further up in our area.  But if you go one street down, you are back to the ghets.  Our area doubled and so we have a lot more work!  It is awesome, but it is a little stressful because we are on bike and I feel like we don't have enough time to get from appt to appt... but we will figure it out.  There is the next subject... I'm on a BIKE!  YAY!  I am trying so so hard to have a good attitude about it, hahaha.  The first time we went out to ride, we had been going down the street for about twenty seconds.  Well in the matter of that time, my skirt got stuck in my back break and it made a hole... and it is my blue skirt that I literally wear every day of my life!
I just sat there and stared at it for a minute and then all I could do was laugh.  That's pretty much all I ever do is laugh, cause if I don't.. I cry haha.  I sweat like crazy, but I have come to learn on my mission, that no one cares.  Oh, another funny bike story, so we had just gotten out of a lesson with this woman named Rosa, but we went to go get on our bikes and my tube was just done for.  It had a hole in it.  So we had to wait for the Elders to buy a tube, bring it, and then put it on.  We were seriously dying, it was so funny.   My bike is really old.  So, to answer your question, don't worry about sending a bike.  We are going to go look for one today.  But if it doesn't work, I will let you know next week.  Don't worry about it though :)
Question 2:  I have heard about book bags, but I heard that if we weren't brand new missionaries, we don't need to worry about it.   And I cannot ride a bike with a side bag  #sorrynotsorry. 

Question 3:  Yes, we are going to start our Spanish program here! It is incredible!  (See below):

Come learn about the free English classes taught by our missionaries in the Los Angeles area! 
Visit to learn more.

4:  I got your package!  You are AMAZING!  My companion loved what you sent her, thank you so much!  I died and went to heaven with your cookies... seriously.  I hope I have the recipe for them!  

Jackie and Joseph are amazing!!!! Jackie has been fellowshipped really well in the ward and she goes to RS activities every Tuesday!  Joseph loves church!  He is the sweetest boy in the world.  Jackie always says during lessons, "Joseph, are you listening so that you will be able to teach someone this one day?"  Okay, I just died and went to heaven hearing that!  They are amazing.  Please pray for them!  We have been working with some really amazing less actives as well.  I wish I could go through every lesson and tell you about it..... but I can't.  I will take pics of my journal entries like Bryan did.  But this week has been amazing because I have tried really hard to focus on how special it is when I am with these people.  I felt so, so much love for the people we have taught this week.  I have been able to sit there during lessons and truly see these people for who they are.  That we are here to help them in what they need and that Heavenly Father loves them with an infinite love.  It is amazing the work that I am able to do.  I truly feel so blessed to be here at such a special time and I know that I am supposed to be here. 

I don't have time left, but I just want you to know that I love this! I hope that others are able to catch the love for this as well and work.  It is so special to be here.  I love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful week!
Life is so good!  Michelle with her District

Hermana Michelle

Hello daddy!
I am so happy that everything is going well, it sounds like things are great at home :)   How is biking, work, and just everything going?  I have been thinking about you a lot this week.  I had to go to the bike shop the other day to get stuff and it made me think of you a lot!  In fact, I think of you every single time I get on my bike.  And then I think that you are crazy for biking for fun!  My bike is ancient and the chain breaks a lot, so I am going to buy a new one today!  But everything is going so good here :)  I am so happy, it's kind of weird.  My area is craziness!  But it is awesome.  Thank you for your sweet inspiring words, they mean so much to me.  Keep praying for me, I am so tired, haha.  I love you so much!

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