Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!

Hello my dear family!
This is going to be a really short email, so I will apologize in advance.  What a crazy week though:)  Every time I go to a new area, it is always a bit crazy.  But I came to this area and we have one investigator.  So we are both pretty much whitewashing!  I LOVE my new companion soooo much! She is so good with obedience and just wanting to work. We are like the same person.  She is from Orem, and still new to the area, and our area is huge!  You are right though, Hermosa Liahona is a very nice area.  I am still getting used to it -- I'm not in Hollywood anymore.  There are a lot of white people.  I feel lost like all the time, but it's okay!  We have some really wonderful members here.  It is a great ward, it's really small.  So I am still working on adjusting here. 
Hermana Shepherd and Hermana Warner at the Mission Christmas Devotional
We had a really amazing Christmas Devotional.  I was so overcome, I feel like I just broke down during it.  I have never in my whole life understood and felt Christmas the way that I have on my mission.  I just get it.  If you listen to the Christmas songs in the hymns, then we are really able to feel it.  So I guess that is what I will focus today on.  I hope that you all take that time to sit down and feel what Christmas means.  There is obviously a special meaning to it when it has that sacred name in it, Christ.  I don't think I will ever see Christmas the same after this.  Presents are wonderful, but they don't matter.  It is the ability to share your love with others, that matters.  To help others to see the blessings they receive through using the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  It is remembering His sacred birth, and all of the many things we have through that simple birth.  I have shared a lot about how I have learned to use the Atonement on my mission.  It is so special and I hope we can all strive to use it better.  It brings so much peace into our lives.  We taught our investigator J. this week (she is getting baptized next Sunday!) about how the Atonement isn't only for sins.  That we are able to feel the peace and joy that He has so willingly given us.  It was so cool to see her face and to see her realize that she can use the Atonement to find happiness in her life.  All in all, I hope that you take time during this busy season, sit down with Bry and Rachelle and Dad, and read about the birth of Jesus Christ.  Obviously this invitation is not just for you, but for anyone that might read this email.  As you do so, I promise you will feel the amazing spirit of Christmas and what it really means.  I know that I have been able to!  Holidays on a mission are a million times better than they are at home (no offense). 
Michelle with President and Sister Weidman, her wonderful Mission Presidents
I love Christmas here.  It is so special to be here and learn and understand the why's on this special day. I am going to talk to you on Wednesday, so I will save it until then!  I am so excited for you to meet my new companion and the sweet family that we'll be with (start busting out your Spanish, momma!)  I love you so very much, my dear:)  Love, Hermana Warner
P.S.  This is short, sorry.  But I am so happy here.  I never, ever thought I would love my mission the way I do. I have to go, but I'll see you on Wednesday!  I love you so very much :)
Hna Wright, Michelle's old companion, reunited again at the Christmas Devotional!  She loves her so!
Michelle's old district in West Hollywood, one week before her transfer

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