Monday, September 23, 2013


Good morning, my dear mom! 
Monday is here again.. weird stuff.  How was your week?? It sounds like everything is going great at home! We had a really good week.  There was a lot of random stuff that happened.  I wish I could remember all that happened but that is what my journal is for, right?  There were a lot of different emotions from this week!  I had a lot of really hard moments, but I had some incredible moments to make up for them.  We had a six month training this week, (President Weidman started trainings for missionaries who have been out for 6 and 12 months) and we did a bit of goal setting. We looked at where we have gotten in the last six months and where we want to be.  So I have been thinking a lot about goals.... actually I have been thinking about goals my entire mission. It is so amazing to think of where I was six months ago to now.  I am so different, I can only imagine what another 12 will be for me.  But I was thinking of some of my most important goals, and one of them is humility. So I have been studying it a lot and trying to learn how to better achieve it. I've prayed about it.  And I've prayed to be humbled.  I am not sure if that was a good idea or not!  I have felt very humbled this week!  We had a lot of hard days that weren't really filled with a lot of "success".  I caught myself a few too many times not having the attitude that I should.  But then as I have really thought about it, I saw that I am receiving an answer to my prayers.  That I have the ability to pray for help in these times.  To ask my Heavenly Father how I can do this, because I can't do it alone.  And so I've started praying more and more.  I have felt the frustration and disappointment lifted off of my shoulders.  I have felt humbled.  That's an understatement, haha.  But I am grateful for these difficult times.  I have learned so much, mom, and I continue to learn even more.  

Another humbling experience I have had this week is with some less actives we are working with.  I have felt my heart so heavy this week, as we have been working with them. There are two specifically.  We have been working with them since I have been in the area and I have grown so close with them and have developed such a strong love for them. They shared with us some really tramatic experiences that they have had in their lives, and right now what they are facing. I left a few lessons feeling heavy and wonder what I can do to help them.  Sometimes as a missionary, I am not sure if I am helping and I just want to be able to do everything I can to help!  But I thought as well that I am doing what I can. Heavenly Father has qualified me to work with these people because he knows that I can help them. And so there comes prayer again!  But I have seen these prayers answered.  As missionaries, sometimes we feel unqualified, but we have been called and set apart to do this.  And if we are obedient then we will know that the Lord has qualified us.  
I hope this email doesn't sound like a downer!  We had a lot of fun this week, a lot of laughing and a lot of learning.  We have some amazing people that we are going to start working with!  We have seriously seen so many miracles this transfer.  We have transfers in a week and a half and we are stressing about it! We want to stay together so much, but we will go where we need to!  We went to a fireside with Jackie and Joseph last night (she loved it) and we were talking about transfers.  She said, "I want to talk to the guy in charge of these, so my hijas will stay!"  But then she said, "You know sisters, you just gotsta go where Heavenly Father wants you to".  And she was telling Joseph that there were other people here that needed our help.  Yes I did just sit there melting into my seat!  She is so cute and I love her so much.  I love being here more than I could tell you.  
Hna Wright, Jackie, and Hna Warner outside LA Temple VC
Joseph and Hna Warner
I feel like I got here yesterday, the time is flying by.  I hope that others are able to feel the joy of missionary work... do it!  I am working on being more bold, so you need to, too. Thank you for your love and support always, my dear :) I hope you have a wonderful week!  I love you! :)
Love,  Hermana Michelle

Side note... Joseph didn't get baptized this week, he had some issues with his real father and he wouldn't sign the papers....humbling experience number 1.  I was really sad about it.  We will keep working with them, but we just need to wait a little while.  Jackie is progressing really well, I love her so much.  Also, mom, I got a blessing this week that literally told me everything that I needed to hear. The Priesthood is amazing, always use it!

Hello my sweet dad,
It was a good week!  A lot of learning went on this week, lots of laughs too.  The people are amazing.  We have some amazing people that we are beginning to work with.  I am learning more from them than they are learning from me!  I love my bike, still!  It has been super, super windy here, so it has been my enemy the last few days.  My legs are sore but it's fine.  We live at the top of a hill so it's always a fun ride home :)  I love what Brigham Young said.  Sometimes I don't feel like I am doing much, but I know I am.  Mission life is just awkward all the time, haha, but we always have a lot to learn from it.  Things are really going great!  We will have transfers next week... yikes!  So we won't email until Tuesday.  Hopefully we stay together in this area, it's awesome right now.  I am just keeping my focus where it needs to be and it's been a blessing!  I think about you often and I hope everything is going well for you :)  Thank you for your constant support daddy!  You are always in my prayers!  I love you so much!


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