Monday, September 9, 2013


Dear Family!
Well another week down, I really don't know where the time goes!  It goes way too fast on a mission.  We hit our 6 month mark together and it was weird.  It literally feels like I just got here yesterday!  Time goes by so fast here, it's crazy.  We are working with some of the most amazing people.  I wish I had time to describe ever lesson that we had with them.  We have been working with cute Hermana DelCid and she has been coming to church :)  It has been so cool to see how she has changed even over the little time I have been here.  She is always so happy when we see her at the church and when we have lessons with her.  It makes me so happy to see her light up when she walks into Sacrament meeting. 
We had an amazing lesson with Jackie and Joseph!  Joseph has already invited people to his baptism on the 22 of September!  He invited his family and is sooo excited for it.  Jackie doesn't have a date.. (yet:) but she is doing so great.  We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and it was awesome.  The spirit was so strong and it was such a fun lesson!  They have progressed a lot.   Jackie told us that she bought 3 skirts so that she could wear them to church (yes, my heart just about melted when she said that) and she wore it yesterday :)  I am always so happy when I am with them.  
I will tell you about last night.  So we went to go visit a less active and were late leaving and so we missed another appointment.  It was 8:40 p.m. so we were going to go try and visit our other appointment, but figured it was safer just to call and reschedule.  So while Sister Wright was on the phone this man walked by.  He said something in English, but I answer in Spanish.  He stopped in his tracts and was like, "Wait, you speak Spanish?"  And so we talked for a little while about how I learned Spanish and what we were doing here as missionaries.  He told us that he is from Honduras (thanks to Hna Sorto, I love literally every Honduran) and that when he moved here he wanted to go to a Christian church, but wasn't sure which one and so he found one down the street.  He was telling us how good it was that we were able to tell people about our message in Spanish and in English.  At this point I was dying, I was so happy.  And then we asked if we could go over another day and we was so receptive to it.  We set another appointment with him and got all of his information.  There is a point of this story.  One - it was the biggest tender mercy, that he was so, SO sweet and so receptive.  And two, I love that my mission is pointing out all the of small tender mercies.  I have been able to develop gratitude for the small things and feel the happiness come from these things :)  I love that I am able to talk to so many people, whether they choose to listen or not.  In other words I have the best mission in the world.  I really am so grateful for it.  I have learned so much already and I still get to have another year out here.  I wish that everyone could see the blessings of a mission though, it's amazing.  I will make sure that I create some cool stories to tell you next week haha :) 
Things are going well here, I am working a lot with gaining the attributes of a consecrated missionary.  It is hard!  But we have been blessed with miracles, it is amazing.  I have been so happy the last few weeks because I literally have put everything into my mission and becoming better.  I am so thankful to be here.  It was a great week here and it's going to be even better this week!  Please pray for me so I don't fall asleep during any lessons this week (I fell asleep during a prayer on Saturday....)  Hope you both have a wonderful week!  I love you both so much!  Love, Hma Warner
P.S.  Those skirts are PERFECT!  Thank you so much, I love them!  I need like 17 more! Another P.S., will you accept some people on my facebook?  A member added me the other day.  You are always welcome to my facebook, I have no idea whats going on with it!  I am so happy not to have it either! 
Okay, I love you!

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