Monday, September 16, 2013

Awesome week

Hello my dear family!
I cannot believe it is Monday again, seriously how does this happen?  Okay, so I say that every week but I really don't understand how... How has your week been?  Sounds like it has been an eventful week in the Warner home, with Bryan getting engaged!! SO awesome!  We had an amazing week here. Seriously I could say that this has probably been the best week of my mission.
I have learned so much this week.  I'm pretty sure the tender mercies were flying through the windows (good luck trying to figure out that analogy, I don't understand it either).  I have the coolest mission in the world, it's fine.  I love being here and I love my bike.  I say that because it is pretty much the joke in our companionship. I hated biking and was so mad when I found out that we were going to be on bikes.  But I literally love it so much! We definitely see the weirdest things on our bikes, but it's great.  I feel like I have so many things to tell you I don't know where to start..... 
I will start with Joseph.  He is getting baptized on Saturday! We have the best and funniest lessons with them, pretty much we are laughing the whole time. He is so excited and we are so excited too.  I really hope that his baptism helps Jackie, I think it will.  He is the sweetest boy ever and everyone already thinks he is a member!  Funniest thing happened this week.  So we have dinners with the members and someone had signed up on the list for Monday. But we literally had no idea who it was, so we called the RS president and still couldn't figure it out because they weren't on the ward list.  So, we just didn't worry about it.  Until we get a call from Jackie, saying, "Sisters, where are you?!!"  We were dying for a number of reasons; we didn't know Jackie's last name and it was just a funny situation.  So we learned what her last name is, haha.

So we have been teaching the English class for the last two weeks and I literally cannot tell you how amazing it is. Seriously *amazing*

Our ward had three investigators at church yesterday from the English class. We are starting to work with a man from the class named Roberto.  He is so cool. He is probably about Dad's age and is just super quiet and so sweet.  We had an activity called "El dia de la Spanidad" on Saturday and he went!  We were able to talk to him about the church and set up a return appointment.  We had a member that stayed with him all during the activity and church.... Hello, I love members like that.  It has been the coolest thing ever to be able to work with these people.  It is bringing in people that I really don't know how we would ever find.  And the class is super fun/funny.

Griffith Zone!
I love my mission......
I had an amazing experience yesterday at church that I want to share.  I was sitting there before Sacrament started when I noticed that a less-active that the sisters had been working with for a while, was up at the table blessing the Sacrament.  And then I turned to my left and saw a less active that we have been working with.  And then I turned around and saw the 3 people from English class.  I truly don't know if I have felt the spirit so strong on my mission before.  I can feel it right now as I describe this.  I love what I do.  I love this so much.  We are changing others through this beautiful Gospel.  We are bringing others closer to Christ, to feel of this sweet joy that we have.  As I sat there, I knew without a doubt in my mind that I was supposed to be here.  That there are people that I am going to work with that will change my life forever.  I love what I do, and I love being here.  It is hard and the days go up and down, but somehow through the craziness of missionary work, I have never felt more content.  I just feel blessed to be here and work with these humble people.  I feel so humbled.  I am not the same Michelle that I was six months ago and I am grateful for that.  I am truly becoming. This is amazing!  I have a few experiences to share with you that I will send in a letter, but I am happy.  

Home sounds great, but not as great as it is here ;)  I have been thinking a lot about my cousin, Erick, lately -- tell him that I love him.  I remember how when I was little, I prayed for him every day on his mission to Peru!  I hope he is doing well.  I love my companion, she is amazing!  We have grown and learned so much together, it's so cool.  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!  Have fun planning for your trip, mom, and enjoy yourself!  I love you so much, mom and dad! 
Hna Michelle

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