Monday, May 12, 2014

The Lord loves us....!

Buenos dias!
It was really great talking to you all yesterday for Mothers Day!  It was a great comfort to my heart just to be able to see all of you!  It seems like everyone is doing great. We had a lot of miracles this week. 
Nothing too big or grand happened, but just so many tender mercies from the Lord.  He is so aware of us in His work and desires that we succeed.  I think that sometimes as missionaries we say to ourselves in harder areas "I must be here just to learn patience."  Well, that right there is false.  The Lord does not put us in an area, just so we can only learn patience or humility.  Yes, it is often a big factor.  I know that I have had many areas/transfers were I needed to learn certain Christlike attributes.  But I have to remind myself this, "The Lord has put me in an area to work- not just to learn patience"!  He puts us places so that we may succeed and find those who are ready!  This week we prayed a lot, and really worked on having more faith and just working super hard.  The area is slower for now, but we know that through figuring out 
how to work here, we will see miracles.  We were walking down the street to dinner and there was a woman walking her dogs.  Yeah, she looked really not interested.  I was shakin in my boots, just kidding we talk to a lot of people.  I just assumed she was going to say, "No, I have my own church, or, "No, I'm busy walking my dogs".  But I prayed really hard to have those thoughts taken away and to look at her as a daughter of her Heavenly Father.  Soo, I was able to do that.  She looked up as she was about to walk away and said, "Wait -- are you from a church?  I've been looking for a church to go to!  A nice one where people actually wear skirts, not shorts.  And where people don't yell." The skirt thing- it's just a little detail.  But when Jackie was looking for a church, she was looking for one that had a basketball court in it, so Joe could play ball.  It's real, haha.  We got her info.  She couldn't come yesterday because of Mothers day, but we will have another appt with her.  The Lord loves us!

Another one, we had FIVE investigators at church yesterday! One Asian couple came to church. I was really confused as to who they were, and because I saw them pull up on their bikes. I thought they were lost, to be honest.  So we talked to them. The guy said that his girlfriend had been thinking about going to another church, but he had been to the SLC Visitors Center and said that our church was a much better choice. They could only stay an hour, but said they would be back next week.  And again, the Lord loves us.  Just little things that are happening.  The hearts are beginning to be softened and the Lord really is doing His work through us here.
I have been working and thinking so much about how I can be better as a missionary.  I have a lot of weaknesses.  I want to put every effort that I have into His work.  I have made goals so that I can do so.  I want to be able to look at my Father in Heaven one day and say that I truly did all I could to help others know His Son.  So, that is what I will do.  Missionary work is beautiful.  If you have fear to do it, then you don't have enough faith.  You must desire this for others.  There is no other joy that they will be able to feel such as this.  Open your mouth.  Study Preach My Gospel, so you know how to open your mouth!  But, it is worth it.  A large amount of the people we talk to say no, but we don't stop.  Just remember that as you share!  I love my Heavenly Father so much.  I love you too!  Have a good week!  Hermana Warner

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