Monday, May 26, 2014

Working HARD!

Hey hey!
Alright,..... so Elder Ballard is coming next week!  He is going to speak to the missionaries and is also doing a special Stake Conference for OUR STAKE!  I think I will be seated at the church at 7 a.m... I am so excited.  We have been preparing so much as a mission to receive his counsel.  
Funny moment ... I'm not really sure.  Everything about a mission is funny - you either laugh or you cry, your choice! Best thing - we visited a less-active, and his girlfriend who is a non-member, was home. She ended up having a few questions and is curious about the church.  He is really excited for her, it's cool!  Hardest this week - we had some pretty rough lashes, but that's not important.  Tender mercy - The Lord is showing us how to WORK in our area. Through that, we are finding! We have just been planning more effectively, and praying and fasting A LOT! Our last Zone Conference was about setting and accomplishing goals. We really just reviewed how the mission has changed and what we can do to continue changing with it. You asked if we get fed every day - we usually get fed every night. Last night we went and ate at a park because we had a lunch with a member and our plans were on the other side of town from where we live. We got a lot of funny looks. Our apt is really nice, we live in a super safe area. 
A lot of miracles have been coming forth here. I am so grateful for the things that I am learning here. I know that the Lord is preparing many people! We had a cool experience happen this past week. We were following our plans and we had a few potentials to visit. We were praying and when we got out of the car we saw a woman across the street with her little girl. We crossed the street and went and talked to her and she asked us where we were from and expressed to us that she had been looking for a church. She really wants her daughter to grow up with the knowledge of God. We were so grateful to see that even though the person we were looking for wasn't home, we were able to talk to this woman.  We have an investigator named Teresa.  She was at church yesterday and asked us when she could get baptized!  She has a date for the 8th so hopefully it all goes through.  We have an incredible less-active family that we're working with.  They have just softened so much, it has been so cool to see the changes in them.  Everything is moving forward!  I love being a missionary. 
"Everyone points out these signs to us when we knock their door - okay, not everyone, but I've had a few!"

I love the Savior.  I love what He is doing for me.  I feel the power and strength of the Atonement.  Use it for everything.  In Preach My Gospel, it says that as we understand more about the Atonement, we have deeper desires to share the Gospel.  It is not hard to open your mouth - just do it!  If you have faith, you will do it.  I have to remind myself many times throughout the day to stay strong to the faith that I do have.  I constantly remind myself that I am a representative of Jesus Christ, I am doing this to bring other to HIS church.  I invite you to do the same :)  Just love other people, they need it more than we know.  I LOVE the Gospel and the joy we have in it.  Enjoy your week and good luck on your test!  Don't stress about it, you'll do great!  I love you! Hermana M

Hi Daddy!!
We had a really great week.  President Weidman asked us to train some missionaries on how we have helped our area to grow and progress!!  We got together missionaries that are serving in wealthy areas.  President wants them to try it out over the next transfer and see how it goes. Then, if that goes well, he is going to have us train a majority of the mission of it. Crazy!!  Yes, I gave a training in front of my Mission President and yes, it was scary! Just kidding, I love him a lot.  He told us what a great job we did with it afterward, too.  The work really is going forward.  Our investigator yesterday at church asked us when she can be baptized.  She is 24 so we might be transferring her to YSA, but we'll see how it all works out. Seriously, awesome things happening!  I have never worked this HARD in my mission!
If I had worked like this in other areas, I would have had so much success! But, it is all a learning process. I am so grateful to be here, it really gives me so much joy. I love my comp, she's doing great. I am jealous I don't get to be there to fellowship that girl - tell her to wait a few months for me!  And then we can work on the grandparents.  AH, I love missionary work!!!!  I love you so much!

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