Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello my dear family!
I loved seeing pictures from the wedding, they look so happy.  What a special day for everyone.  You were in my thoughts a lot that day!  It was a special day for me.  I felt a lot of comfort and peace that day, so it was good.  

Our week was great!  Our area is seriously booming.  I cannot even tell you the blessings and miracles that we are able to see everyday. But it really was a week full of blessings for me. This transfer is really hard. But my testimony has grown so, so much.  I know that there is a huge reason that I have been given harder assignments.  I took a step back to focus on the progress I have been able to make within the last few weeks.  Something that I have noticed in myself is how my relationship with my Father in Heaven has developed and grown so strong.  I have always prayed and always had faith, of course....but never like this.  I have never prayed like this.  And coming with those prayers is the love and blessings the He has in store for me.  I have literally felt Him by my side every day.  I think that is why I was supposed to come on a mission.  Because I was supposed to learn how to rely on Him in my times of need.  The testimony that has grown in me is unparallelled.  I can look at people here and really tell them with my heart that I know these things. 

Biggest tender mercy of the week, J. went to the temple :)  And he loved it!  And he passed the Sacrament yesterday!!!  I felt like a proud mother watching him.  I was so worried he would have gone the wrong way, or forgotten someone, but he did soooo good!  It brought such an immense joy to my heart.  I can't even explain the feeling!  I loved it. 
I know this email is a bit short, my thoughts are everywhere.  I love it here.  I am grateful for the challenges that make me grow!  I am grateful that I am learning how to love others.  I am grateful for the miracles.  I am grateful for this perfect Gospel.  I am grateful for my amazing, amazing family!  And most of all I am grateful for my Father in Heaven that guides me every day and has a way of showing his immense love.  I love this work and all the comes with it!  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Make sure that you look for someone else in need this week, they're always there.  I love you so much :)
Love, Hermana Michelle
Our 84 year-old investigator, who is getting baptized on Dec. 8th!

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