Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome President Weidman to the Los Angeles Mission!

My dear family!
New Mission President David and Sister Weidman (L) and
outgoing president, President and Sister Baker (R)

I met my new mission president, President Weidman and his wife. I love them!  They are the cutest and his wife is darling.  My mission president is amazing. He and his wife are so sweet and they are going to be a huge part of seeing our mission change. Missionary work is hard now a days, I would agree.  Everyone has their opinion on the church, but all I can do is help make it good by loving the people that I talk to.  It is hard and also so rewarding.  I am learning more than ever lately!  How was your week?  It sounds like things are going well at home!  This week,  all in all, was  different.  Literally every single one of our appointments got cancelled, we didn't have women to go to lessons with us, all the potentials we tried contacting weren't there, tracting wasn't working, etc.  Pretty much everything that is hard - happened to us, haha.  Our numbers were really low, and not that numbers matter, but I just felt like it didn't show the effort and work we were putting into our days.  I came home every night exhausted and wondering how our numbers got to be so small!  But through all of these things that could and did go wrong, it was a really good week.  I didn't allow myself to be very discouraged about the things that were happening.  I grew so much this week!!  I still feel pretty lost much of the time and Spanish still gives me a headache, but I am better than I was yesterday.  I have learned how to pray.  You truly have no idea how much missionaries pray on their mission!  We pray every time we leave the appartment, get out of the car, before a lesson, etc.  Prayer is the biggest thing we do.  I believe it is why we have the spirit so strong with us because we pray.  And that is what gets me through the hard times.  As I knelt on my knees this morning I thought of how lucky I am to be here.  There was so much going on in my life before my mission, that there were times I was sure when I got here, that it wasn't where I was supposed to be.  But now as I sit here, I cannot imagine being anywhere else.  I am being so blessed and learning things that I couldn't learn anywhere else.  I know that I have a purpose here, whether it is to convert myself or to find those special people that I have been called to find, I have a purpose.
The Lopez family came to church yesterday!  Investigators don't always show up to church and so you can't always get your hopes up.  But we walked into church yesterday and saw Camilla and Jose and I just melted!  I couldn't stop smiling, I was so happy!  They are doing really well.  We talked to them about baptism and they said they really want to make sure that they know for themselves that it is true.  They are scared to change because they have been Catholic their whole lives.  But they have told us all the blessings they have seen while we have been with them and it is amazing.  We have an amazing family that is fellowshipping them.  You asked how we met them? We found them one day when we were trying to visit a less active family.  The mom was sitting in the doorway brushing her daughter's hair and we said hi as we walked by.  She sat there, kind of just waiting for us to talk to her, so of course we did!  They invited us in the first time and we talked to them about what we do as missionaries.  They said that they always saw us walking to the Serranos and wanted to talk to us, but didn't know how.  I truly know that Heavenly Father lead us to them in a moment that they needed us the most.  They have strengthened my testimony as I have seen them grow through the Book of Mormon and us visiting them.  I cannot tell you how much love I have for them!
We don't have a lot of investigators right now, but I know that they will come shortly.  I am not allowing myself to feel down about anything because I know everything that I am doing right now is my very best.  I love my companion!  She has taught me a lot and I am sure I have taught her patience.  Transfers are next week!  Which means we email Tuesday.  I don't know what will happen!  We could train, we could stay together, we have no idea.  I will be happy with whatever because I know that transfers really are inspired. 
You mentioned balmy weather here?!  I don't want to hear that you thought it has been in the 70's here, ha! it has been 100 degrees everyday and we have to walk in that!  I am constantly sweating!  It has been super humid too!  I'm gonna say that I have it worse than you ;)  All is well momma!  I truly am so happy.  This is the most amazing thing in the world!  It's hard stuff just like that Elder said, but what you learn from it, is what matters.  You are always in my heart and in my prayers!  I love you so much!  I am trying my best and that is what matters!  xoxox

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