Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She made it to LA!!

Sister Blair from Utah, Sister Ford from Washington, Sister Harrison from Kentucky, Sister Lyman from Utah, Sister ________, Sister Oldham from Arkansas, Sister Petersen from Alabama, Sister Powell from Utah, Sister Rudd from Idaho, Sister Warner from Utah, Sister Wright from Colorado, Sister Young from Utah, and Sister Zollinger from North Dakota have joined the CLAM.

Elder Casey from Utah, Elder Christian from Idaho, Elder Crane from Georgia, Elder Davey from Utah, Elder Ericksen from Utah, Elder Harris from Wales, Elder Moon from South Korea, Elder Spencer from Idaho, and Elder Tupouata from Tonga, have joined the CLAM along with Visa Waiters Elder Anglade from Utah, Elder Chriss from Utah, Elder Clawson from Nevada, and Elder Engebretsen from Utah.

Elder Chriss (third from right) is a fellow Titan from Olympus High School who will be serving with Michelle in Los Angeles while awaiting his Visa to Argentina!

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