Monday, April 22, 2013

First week in the Mission Field - CUDAHY, California!

Hola Mommacita!

Well my dear, I am going to try really hard to answer all of your questions. There were a lot.  But I know you are dying to hear, so I'll start off with this - I LOVE my COMPANIONS!  Yes, I'm in a trio.  But let me start with my trainer. The most amazing, kind girl, and an amazing missionary.  She is so obedient and works so hard.  I feel so so incredibly blessed to have her as my companion. We are in a trio because there were so many sister missionaries!  Her name is Sister Moeller and my other companion came the same day as me and her name is Sister Zollenger.  They both are so awesome and I see so much happening with our new area.  
Hermana Warner, Hermana Zollenger, Hermana Moeller (trainer)
So our area, it's called Cudahy (pronounced cud-a-hay).  It is the most Spanish area in the mission, I think.  Literally, I haven't seen one white person here, it's so awesome.  So we are whitewashing as well.  AND we have two wards! Choke!  So we have one whole Spanish ward and then we are over a Samoan ward (Katie will love that!).  Seriously the most incredible wards ever.  All everyone does is feed us.  On Saturday, the Samoan ward had an "eating" for a young man's farewell.  They had whole pigs in the back of the church and they fed us six different meats.  I am definitely not a meat person, so I almost died. Okay I didn't, but I am going to gain weight because all we do is eat!  Ahhhh. So yes, my area, members, comps, are amazing.  I have literally never been so tired in my entire life.  It's a challenge keeping my eyes open, and I have never slept so good!  We were in the car the other day (we're driving sisters) and I thought about how incredibly tired I was, but somehow I was so happy. I am still trying to catch up on sleep!   After we arrived to California from the MTC, we had lunch at a church and then dinner on our own.  We had temporary assignments for the night, which then ended up being our permanent assignments.   We live in the poorer part of town.  My apt. is really small, I'll send a picture of it next week!  My Sunday was great!  Very exhausting, but my companion said that I will get used to it.  I eat all the time... cielo ayudarme...

So yesterday during church at the Samoan ward this guy came up to us after Relief Society and said, "Hey, I brought my friend to church, we're having a lesson".  So we had a lesson, then and there!  It's was crazy.  He didn't seem interested at first, but then he was saying to us how sometimes he feels like something is missing.  Hello  -- the Gospel!  But he has had struggles in his life and I was able to share Alma 36:3 and explain why we have trials and how we are given them to make us stronger.  We have a follow up appointment tonight with him so pray for us!  I see so much potential with him, and his friend is very involved in it, too.  

Hardest thing of my week - rejection.  But it's not as bad as I thought.  I am here as a missionary of Jesus Christ, this is for Him, not for me.  Also, my Spanish is a joke.  When I sit in the Samoan ward, I feel like I'm sitting in the Spanish ward, it all sounds the same to me, hahah.

Best part of my week - learning!  I have learned SO much already.  I love this. Like seriously.  I have learned a lot of doctrine from studying but I have learned how to love others.  I love the members in our wards.  I love the sweet little Latinas that kiss our cheeks and feed us until we can't breathe.

We have a lot of potential investigators and have a lot of high hopes for this area and I cannot wait to achieve them.  I am sorry this is all over the place, but it's right there with my brain!! It's hot here right now and I wake up all night sweating because we don't have an air conditioner.  But it feels so nice in the mornings!  We run every morning and I love it.  Okay, I don't have much time left, but I love you sweet mother!  I loved talking to you and I keep thinking about it.  It was great hearing your sweet voice.  Don't stress about packages or letters!  We get them on Thursday at our district meetings, so if they get there before, then you should be good.  I love you momma!!!
xoxox Michelle

Hi Dad!!  

I am here. I am so happy, too! I wrote mom a novel so I don't have much time. I love my companion!! So, so much. I am in a trio and both of them are great. It is hot, hot, hot here!!  We have a lot of potential here and I know we will have success in this area!  How are you doing?  My days are crazy and filled. Members are incredible. I am in an area called Cudahy, the most Spanish area. Everyone is Latino, it is so awesome.  You are in my thoughts constantly and I'm always praying for you. This is so awesome!  Have a great week!
Hermana Warner
Hermana Warner and Syster Christensen one last time together 
before Michelle left the MTC!

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