Monday, June 3, 2013

First Week of new Change....

MOM!  Hi!
Well I am still alive if you were wondering, barely!  It is crazy out here, and I can't even begin to explain it to you.  So here I am in my first week of the transfer again.  But it is completely different.  Our district leader called last night and asked what some of my goals were for the week, and I told him that my goal was learning how to be a missionary!  My companion is a sweet, sweet girl.  We are learning how to work together and how to be better missionaries together, because, well, let's be real - neither one of us know what we are doing. I miss my other companions so, so much, but this is just part of a mission. I learned more than I thought I could from them and I am so grateful for that.  

So I will try and give you a little recap of this week.  So we had transfers on Wednesday.  We whitewashed this area, so I still don't know yet, where everything is.  On the way home back to our apartment we got lost ... twice.. on the CA Interstate 110.  And then we had an appointment in Watts (Oh yes, we are teaching someone in Watts... surprise!) and we called when we were close, and he cancelled on us.  We didn't have time to go back to the apartment and we didn't have miles either.  So we sat in the car and just cried for a while.  I haven't felt that overwhelmed in a long time!  So we'll say I was pretty happy when that night was over.  The next couple of days were literally were a blur, but they were good!  Since I have been on my mission I have been SO tired.  Like more than I ever have been in my whole entire life!  But I have had so much energy the last few days, it is amazing how that works, eh!  We have been able to visit a lot of people and get to know the area better.  My companion had her first day of Samoan Sacrament ... think of a full hour of Sacrament in a language you don't understand. I have gotten used to it, but it was hard for her!
We haven't had a ton of appointments this week, just trying to stop by and see people.  So the other day we went to see a less active family.  They are seriously so, so sweet and they are ready to go back to church.  But after we saw them we were walking out the door.  Their neighbors screen door was open, and so as we passed by, we said, 'hola'.  And then she looked at us like she wanted to keep talking.  So we just asked how they were and they opened their door and told us to come in.  They told us that everytime the three girls pass by their house, they always want them to come and talk to them.  Wait, what was that?!  Okay, this doesn't happen!  So we talked to them for a long time and they are super interested.  We have another appointment with them this week, but they were a huge tender mercy from our Heavenly Father.  It was amazing!

Jose is getting baptized next Sunday!!! WOOHOO!!  He is so cool, seriously so cool.  It is amazing seeing the change in him since the first time we saw him.  I wrote you a letter that had more stuff about it so I will try and send that today.

My Spanish is really, really improving because I actually have to talk now!  It is amazing to see what the Lord is helping me with.  Thank you for your prayers, and for all that you do for me.  Well my dear heart, next week will be even better I promise!  I am doing so well!  I am really starting to love this.  I have felt so blessed over the past few weeks with comfort and the sure knowledge of what I am doing is right, and it's what I should be doing.  I love seeing these lives that I get to be a part of, change.  This work is beautiful, and I get to be a part of it.  I am happy and doing well, and learning so very much out here!  I couldn't learn this anywhere else!  I am thankful for this beautiful Gospel and how much it blesses us.  I hope yours and everyone's week is great!  
I love you!! Xoxox  

Hello sweet dad!  This week was crazy!  I gave you an idea of it in mom's email.  I love that story that you shared!  I bet that little girl will always remember that moment.  There is a lot of pressure here, especially because this is my area.  I am learning my area more and more and have felt the blessings of the Lord in my life.  It is amazing when I am able to speak and fulfill my purpose.  I am doing really well, daddy!  I don't know what in the heck I am doing, haha, but I am learning how to do it and I know that the Lord is preparing me for something!  The Spanish is much, much better and it will get ever better with prayer and time.  And I'd say I'm pretty darn humble right now, because all I ever do is pray!  Things are going well and I know we will start seeing miracles.  I forgot to tell mom this story.  Our investigators, Norma and her husband Luis are so cool.  They really want to get baptized but Luis is still married to his past wife.  So he told us that he started the divorce papers so that he and Norma can get married and be baptized.  But he also told us that he wants to go to the temple with her!  Coolest things ever.  He hasn't had a job for months and he got one last week!  They have seen so many blessings in their life.  The work is hastening, that's for sure!  I hope your week is wonderful, I'm always praying for you!  I love you so much!!xoxox

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