Monday, March 11, 2013

WEEK 1 of the MTC

Dear Mom and Dad!I don't have a lot of time left, and I am going to write you a hand written letter that will be much better.  So I am in the MTC and I am alive!  Who would have thought.  It is very different than anything I could have ever expected, but it is awesome.  There are four girls in my district.  I get along really well with Hermana Quayle, she is going to the Washington, DC South mission (Kris?)  My district is AWESOME!  I love them a lot and my teacher is incredible!  It is so fun to be with them.  It is a huge adjustment not being able to have my alone time, but hey it's all right.  I am quickly learning that we must rely on the Lord in everything that we do.  It has been such a humbling experience for me to pray throughout the day for things that I need.  I am praying so hard for charity, humility, and patience.  And I know that as long as I keep praying for that, then I will get through any hard challenges.  The spirit hits in the most random times and I LOVE it!  Yesterday at Relief Society the first councilor spoke to us and it was sooo cool!! And then we had a devotional last night. He explained that we don't have only a few "golden" investigators, but that every investigator is golden.  It was a good thing to take out into the field.  I have seen a lot of my friends!  Taylor is on the same floor as me and I love seeing him and talking to him.  I have seen Danielle and a lot of my guy friends.  So I have pictures, but I don't think that my camera works with this computer... I am trying to hard to figure it out!  So maybe if you want to send me one that had a sim card in it, it will work?  I don't have a lot of time I'm so sorry I can't answer to all of this right now! I will answer in my letter! I forgot a lot of things from home... if you can get those things I would LOVE it!  The Gospel is so true! Bryan said in his email to me, to try and deny the spirit after this week.  I could not agree more.  The Lord loves us so much and is watching out for us.  He knows what is best for us even when it is hard.  Don't stress yourself out about a package!  I just want letters!! I love you so, so much!! Hermana Warner

Michelle's first letter home, March 6th, 2013  
(Written her first day there, and we received it on Friday):
Dear Mom and Dad,  Hi! I am alive.  Can you believe it?!   I just read your kind notes. I feel so much love from you both.  My companion is from Provo and is 21!  She's really sweet!!  Today was crazy.  I seriously didn't even have time to think!  I walked in and they gave me my badge and checked me in.  And then I took my stuff to my room and went to my Spanish class.  Well, I think I'm in trouble, jk, but really. They spoke Spanish the whole time, and I just sat there like, Uh, Si!?  Then we went in to a large room of all of the new missionaries and it was awesome.  The spirit was so strong and we sang!  It was such a confirmation to me that I am really supposed to be here.  I know that Michael is with me, I have already felt him.  I am going to learn alot of patience!  The Lord will help me through this!!  Please don't be too sad without me.  Sorry this is short, it's late and I'm falling asleep.  Guys, I LOVE YOU! So much.  I can't wait to hear from you!  (Next morning) Okay, so I wrote that at 10:15 pm and was literally falling asleep.  So I had no problem sleeping last night!  And I woke up fine, believe it or not!  We just went to the gym and then showered and got ready.  My companion is a cute girl.  I think she will push me to do better.  And I think I will teach her patience, ha!  So pretty much, all day I will be in class.  We are going to breakfast soon.  I have forgotten many things from home, including my mind that I've lost.  My P-day is Monday, I'm not sure when you'll get this.  I'm stressed and never know where I am, but I am so happy!!  I am good to do this for 18 months!  I still have sooo much to learn.  You are in my prayers!  Be happy and have a good day! I LOVE you!  P.S. Please send gum and laundry detergent, and keep track of my bank account!  
Love you.... Hermana Warner

Michelle and her good friend, Amy who works at the MTC!
This was taken a few days after she arrived there.
Just before leaving the house for the last time....
One missionary comes home, another leaves!  
Last picture across from the Provo Temple before dropping her off.
He'll miss his sister.  So proud of her. 
Shine your light, Michelle
Stop the world in this moment.  We'll miss you, Michelle 
And she's off!  No tears, she was nervous and happy!
It was hard for us to cry when she was full of so much exuberance.
Trading places
Left: Elder Warner at the MTC, November 2010
Right: Sister Warner at the MTC, March 2013

 Telling dad good-bye

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